Reminded me of my college years

Yesterday, I went to my Alma matter to meet with our Dean. It was a nice experience to visit your old school and reminisce all the memories you had there as a student. It's funny that I realized now, that I didn't have a difficult time as a Psychology student. There was not a serious problem. My friends were there to help me, my classmates were there to stand by me and my professors were there to teach and guide us through. Maybe I was just lucky to choose the school where I really belong and to pursue a course that I really like.

Well, aside from meeting with the Dean, me and my friend got to bond again. We also met two of our professors and two classmates who are taking their Masters in Psychology. They all inspired me yesterday...to start fulfilling my goals in life.

And today...I saw this picture on my News Feed.

Which reminded me again of my college years..."Alexithymia" is the topic of the seminar that our class conducted for Psychology students as a part of our Trends and Issues in Clinical Psychology subject.

The seminar went good and most of all the whole section had fun. I missed doing group works and school activities. I hope someone would organize a reunion.

And because I was inspired...

I just emailed all the lovely individuals who wanted a copy of my Reviewer in Theories of Personality. If you want a copy too just click this link for instructions!


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