PH Papal Visit: Made Our Faith Even Stronger

3:30 PM

I'm sure lots of Filipinos out there are teary eyed right now. Pope Francis' presence touched our hearts. The mere waves and smiles seemed to energized everyone waiting to catch a glimpse of His Holiness. And Pope Francis was overwhelmed by our warm welcome. I can't believe I am witnessing this rare chance of seeing the Pope. Even though I am just watching the historical event on TV I am still amazed by the Holy Father. It's like we've seen our Lolos in him. I just hope everyone will see through the real essence of the Papal Visit. This event is not just about the rare chance of taking photos of the Pope, it is about spreading the Words of God. His message is about us being disciples of God, should be socially responsible. The Holy Father is encouraging us to live according to the Words of our Lord not just by being religious but by being a good responsible individuals. 

The Holy Father wanted to reach out to our poor fellowmen at Leyte who've been victims of "Yolanda". I hope Pope's visit would motivate them, give them higher hopes and inspire them more to have a new life, a better new life with God's grace.

We Love You Pope Francis! Thank you for visiting us and reminding us that God is with Us.

 The Papal Visit would really make our faith even stronger.

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