Hello! I'm Layne.

I started out iheartPsychology with an objective of spreading awareness about the Board and Licensure Exam for Psychologists and Psychometricians; and a goal to help Psychology students with helpful tips and informative blog posts revolving around psychology. That was way back 2012, the time where I first attempted to prepare and review by myself for the board exams. Blogging helped me made new friends and fulfill my wish to help and reach out other psychology students which I did by giving out free copies of my own reviewer. But unfortunately, I was not able to take the boards and so many things happened: losing my first job, starting up my master's degree, adjustment on my second job, promotion, and eventually resigning from work again.

Currently, I am on vacation from being an HR practitioner for 3 years but I am still taking up my Master's degree with a specialization in Clinical Psychology - a goal that I am determined to finish. If given the chance after achieving this goal maybe I could refresh my knowledge and review for the Psychometrician board exam or pursue immediately the Psychologist board exam. So that, I could be a real and registered Psychologist.

Why Psychology?

I chose Psychology to be my niche because I wanted to share my opinion and my ideas about psychology topics. I wanted to spread awareness on topics regarding mental health, mental disorders, Psychological well-being and etc. It has been my dream to become a Psychologist and somehow help people overcome and resolve their problems for free.

Message to my readers:

I certainly hope that through my blog I have sparked an inspiration within you to pursue your passion for Psychology. Psychology is often misunderstood by people. Let us help creating awareness.

I would love to interact with you. If you have comments or suggestions you can leave them on my comment box after every blog posts, leave a message thru my Contact Form or you can shoot me an email at misselayneousthings@gmail.com

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