Miss Layne is currently a graduate student taking up Master in Psychology. She is looking forward on finishing her master's degree by year 2016 and be able to pass the Board Licensure Exam for Psychometricians and Psychologists. 

Back when she was in high school she's fond of people watching. She used to observe people and was fascinated about how people have different ways of perceiving a single situation. She got interested on personality tests and wonder why we have individual differences. With the inspiration from her high school teachers who are psychology degree holders she took up Clinical Psychology instead of pursuing her interest in Computer Science. 

After finishing her degree in Psychology, she pursued her graduate studies while working as a Psychometrician. So, aside from working and being a grad student, she uses her free time to blog. This blog is her way of sharing her thoughts about Psychology. She put up the blog to aid other Psychology graduates and students who wanted to take the licensure exam through study tips, topic outlines, self-review references, free reviewers and sharing her personal review updates. She hopes to share free information and encourage others to pursue their dreams of becoming competitive Filipino Psychologists. 

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