“The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.” - C.G. Jung


From HR Assistant to HR Manager

Hey readers! How are you?

Is it the 4th batch of Psychometrician and Psychologist Licensure Exam the next few months? I'm sorry if I disappointed most of you. It's just that I couldn't find time to study and open my books since I entered the Human Resources field. Up until now I haven't taken the licensure exam yet (but still hoping). 

As I've posted last year, I became an HR Assistant under a distribution company based in Bulacan which means stress and over-times, lots of paper works and never ending communication with all employees. As much as I enjoy relating to the employees, helping them with work-related concerns and brainstorming with our manager, I also had the down times.

I tried to resign twice, one to the HR Manager who hired me because I wasn't able to enroll one semester at the graduate school. But I failed. Second, is to the HR Manager who replaced the first one, but disregarded my resignation too, telling me that resignation is not always the answer.

I held on to the position for 15 months. Pressure is actually my problem especially with recruitment. I find myself ineffective in providing manpower for our branch that I kept thinking of resigning. But my officemates made me strong (not all of them, of course). We've been together for over a year so I was used to their company and support. So those employees, who followed me and made me feel effective became my inspiration. I think I had develop this sense of responsibility to help and assist them as an HR.

Then, the time came when all the HR assistants I worked with, resigned from their post. The time I felt so alone. But I had to continue. After a few months, I became used to the new batch of HR Assistants, but the new HR Manager unexpectedly decided to left his post.

HR Managers are like parents to his/her assistants, like all superior-subordinate relationships. Managers guided us and protect us. So when our HR Manager suddenly resigned we all felt so weak and vulnerable. Everything in the HR Department seems to be in chaos. I had to transfer to the Head office too.

And since I was one of the 1st batch of HR that was left, I was tasked to take charge of the department. The other HR was assigned to Zambales which is far from the head office so I had no choice.

Actually, I had the choice to resign too. But I thought about the new batch of HRs, they would be left alone with the tasks that they were not yet used to. And so all the employees who are dependent to the HR department.

So in short, I accepted the task of being the Head of the Human Resource Department.

I started out as the HR Manager last June 2016 and tried my very best to guide the 4 HR Assistants working with me and to cater all the instructions passed on to me by my boss. But being trained on a different branch made it hard for me to learn the operation of all companies that we have at the Head Office. 

Pressure coming from the boss really got into me, that I could not think clearly. Honestly, my over-thinking personality got even worst. It made me indecisive and afraid. So, I asked my boss if he can transfer me instead to another division or task.

Luckily, he agreed and I was free of the HR Manager's tasks. But that was just a dream. Accepting another task made me more unproductive and doubtful if I could do that tasks our boss is expecting of me. So, the boss labeled me as ineffective (yeah, that was really disappointing).

Actually, that was the start of my dark days at the HR department. 

I lost the confidence to perform better. 

But then after 4 months, my boss assigned me again as the HR Manager. Telling me that I have what I need to qualify as a Manager, I just need to be more firm and brave to decide on things.

So here I am. Hoping that I will be effective for this post for the second chance given to me.

For my readers who are loosing the motivation and confidence to do the tasks assigned to them let us give it another shot! 

Here's a few quotes to inspire you!

I hope we will be motivated this coming week to push even harder and prove that we are worthy!

If you have HR experiences please share it on the comments below!

Happy Sunday!


Change The Way I See Friendship

Hey guys! I've been out of the blogging world for a long time. I missed so many things going on through the blogging world. Lucky, I had time to open my personal email tonight and had this urge to share what happened lately.

The past 15 months I was preoccupied with my job as an HR Assistant and just two months ago I was chosen to be the HR Manager of our Head Office. Good thing as you may thought but not for me. As the saying goes "with great power comes great responsibility," so, I was really reluctant to accept the position. I'm a self-confessed over-thinker and I am not yet fully developed to handle such position.

I was about to give up then but with the help of my new found friends I was able to take on the responsibility.

I never thought that with just a short period of time we would be able to built a friendship that could conquer the rants of our boss, the complaints of employees and the compenben issues we faced right now (of course not only about work).

Since I became the head of our Human resource department, I became acquainted with the two HR Assistants assigned to the main office. They were my counterparts since I was previously assigned as an HR Assistant on our Bulacan branch. Then, I hired two new assistants to help us.

So, I had 4 assistants to work with me. Anna, the fighter in the group was the first one I got close with because we worked together in recruitment. Deah, the jolly girl in the group had the same vision as mine for our department. Came JV, the vocal one, energetic and sociable and Reina, the mature one we can depend on.

These 4 girls who wants to change the way our employees see the HR department made me #changethewayIsee friendship. Why? Because, I never thought we can be comfortable and attuned to one another in just a short period of time. We've been together for exactly 2 months today.

We have different personalities but we can jive to just about anything. May it be about work, people-watching, food and boys. We came from different lifestyles and from different ages but we couldn't see any barriers. It's as if we've been together for years - known each other for a long time. I help them, they help me. We exchanged thoughts and ideas, shared stories and worked together as a team.

As an HR, I have to be dedicated with my work and spending more than 12 hours a day at the office prevented me from seeing my old friends. But these girls made me feel like home, I'm not comparing them with my old set of friends, but life is about making contact - building relationships. And right now, they have grown to be part of me. A piece of motivation for me to work harder, change for the better and lead them to be better individuals.

I am very thankful for them. We have different strengths and weaknesses but we can mix them up and be stronger. I hope the friendship we started to build will be stronger. Because they are the people who made me laugh a little louder, smile a little wider and live life a lot better. Friendship is not about time, not about age, not about physical and material things, it about how you made one another a better individuals.

We can do this together!

PS. Sorry this is not a reviewer post. Haven't pursued my review yet. Couldn't find time honestly. 


Being an HR Staff is not so easy

Hey readers!

Its been awhile, more than 5 months since my last post. I missed my blogs so much and so are you.

I know most of you hated me now for promising a free reviewer and not receiving any reply on your queries about the licensure exam.

So, before anything else I'd like to apologize for not being able to send you copies of my reviewer and not answering your comments and emails. I really am sorry for keeping you wait for nothing. I know what you think of me now, a blogger who doesn't keep her promises. I'm sorry. I haven't put up with what my blog is for. I had a very busy career the past few months and so blogging went down to the bottom of my priorities. I hope you guys understand.

This post is just an update about my busy life nowadays. I know you're not interested with any of these but I thought it's worth sharing.

What happened lately?

March 2015 I was hired as an HR Assistant, responsible for recruitment. Actually, I am a generalist in a sense that I am handling all employee concerns, from compensations and benefits to records and timekeeping to recruitment. I was under a distribution company, assigned as the sole HR officer on one its branch in Bulacan supervising and assisting more than 70 employees.

Being an HR staff for more than 6 months now made me realize how hard it was to handle and assist different types of people. Let me share these:

The Negative side of being a Human Resource Staff

1. An HR should be firm and strict - As a Clinical Psychology graduate, it was my nature to be open-minded and understanding, so, I had a hard time being strict. An HR officer should be strict in order to ensure that every employee is following the company policies, but it's hard to be strict if you understood the difficult life an employee is going through. Sometimes, it is really against my will to give disciplinary actions to small mistakes committed by employees but an HR should be abiding with the rules, a mistake is a mistake that is punishable by disciplinary actions.

2. Employees saw you as the company's pet - As an HR officer people inside the company often talk behind your back, that you are the boss's pet. That couldn't be avoided. My manager always reminded me that at work there is always politics. You cannot please everyone so people will give negative comments about you. I don't mind them, but being labeled as the pet of the company is really heartbreaking especially if you're the type of HR who ensures equality between the superiors and the employees. HR officers should be fair with the employees and at the same time think about the good of the company.

3. HR officers would not be able to make real friends inside the company premises - HR officers should put a barrier from the other employees. We could make friends and bond with our co-workers but it would be very difficult to give disciplinary actions with someone you're very close with right? So, I always need to put up this space between me and my co-employees (which is kinda sad especially if you're the only HR in the company, it seemed that you don't have someone to talk to).

4. Keep your mouth shut - HR officers always meet with the bosses. So, what was discussed inside the conference room should be kept within yourself. Whether it's a good news (you would be itching to share) or a bad news (you couldn't take) you have to zip your lips.

5. It is very hard to assist or cater all the needs of each employee - I have been an HR for a few months only  but I already found it very hard to answer all the concerns of the 78 people I am working with in the office. So, I realized I have to look-up to those Human Resource Officers who had been in this career for so long. Scenarios wherein your boss made a new policy and the employees wouldn't agree is the most stressing problem you'll have. You have to explain the side of the boss to the employees and at the same time make the boss understand the state of the employees-that is really hard to do.

6. Recruiting and keeping employees for a long time is the most challenging part - For an HR-recruitment officer the hardest part is looking for applicants and be able to keep them within the company for a long time. In my case, I was assigned in a rural area wherein most college grad left for Manila, and what was left was the undergraduates whose priority is to look for work instead of finishing school is challenging for recruitment of qualified applicants. So, most of the time we hired people who are not qualified but willing to be trained (which could be negative since they would be working in our company only for trial). But the willingness to be trained is a positive sign, sometimes they stay longer too than those who already gained necessary experiences for the job. Another challenge, is the word of mouth being passed from person to person about the background of your company. This word of mouth is very powerful that it can brainwash people. But as an HR officer you should be very determined and patient. People come and go, if someone resigned, for sure there would be a new one to replace the post.

Perks of being an HR Officer

1. You can act like a boss - yeah, you can definitely act like a boss if you are an HR officer, employees look up to you so, you should also be a role model to them.

2. People will treat you positively (most of the time) - may it be a pretend or not you'll notice that when employees saw you walking on the isle they'll smile and nod at you like you're all in good terms.

3. You control your job and the job of other employees - you can do anything you want since you 're the one whose checking the jobs of other employees and your boss wouldn't dare to check up your work for the day. Cool? haha! Most of the time that's not the case.

4. You decide whose In or Out - you are the one who can judge the applicants whether they pass or fail. Which is also a negative thing right?

5. You get to meet different companies during Job Fairs - aside from getting applicants and loads of resumes during job fairs you'll also get to meet different companies within the vicinity and make friends with the other HRs. Aside from, going out on the field you'll also get loads of freebies, hehe!

Those are my realizations having entered the industrial field as Human Resource Staff. Being an HR staff is really stressing but by just being able to answer a question from a naughty employee, or being able to update each employees 201 file on time, or by hiring an applicant for a post that's vacant for a month is really rewarding. You get the learn different things from the company to the different recruitment techniques to meeting and earning contacts from municipalities and other firms is what kept me on the job for 7 months now. Plus, as an HR you'll never be stocked with just on job, you'll be having a very dynamic experience.

That was only based on my experience and I'm not sure if other HR officers saw it the way I saw my job. Let me know please. Leave a comment below.


Psychometrician and Psychologist Board Exam will be on July 2015

Hi guys! I have received a lot of queries about the schedule of the Board and Licensure Exam for Psychologists and Psychometricians lately. So, to answer your questions here's a short update.


The Examination for Psychologists will be held on July 23 and 24, 2015.
Deadline for submission of requirements will be on July 3, 2015.
The Exam will only be held in Manila.

Subjects covered would be the following:
a. Advanced Theories of Personality
b. Advanced Abnormal Psychology
c. Advanced Psychological Assessment
d. Psychological Counseling Psychotherapy

The Examination for Psychometricians will be held on July 21 and 22, 2015
Deadline for filing requirements will be on July 1, 2015
The Exam will be held on Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Davao and Legaspi.

Subjects covered:
a. Theories of Personality
b. Abnormal Psychology
c. Psychological Assessment
d. Industrial Psychology

I got the following information from PRC and unless changed by the Board of Psychology will be the official update for the board exam this 2015. If you have questions regarding the requirements, schedule and other concerns call the following numbers (PRC):

      (632) 7362252 - Application for Examination
      (632) 3100026 - General Inquiries
      (632) 3102020 - Board Exam Rating
      (632) 3101027 - Initial Registration

      (632) 7351533 - Application for Registration & Licensing without Examination


Part 1: Industrial/Organizational Psychology Outline Reviewer

I made an outline for Industrial/Organizational Psychology but this is just the first half of the material. Concepts included are just what I think would be relevant. In case you want more information on a certain topic covered by the outline just leave me a comment below and I'll do my best to help you.

The book I used for this outline is the one that a friend of mine suggested. It's Michael Aamodt's Industrial/Organization Psychology:An Applied Approach.


What motivates you?

What motivates us towards achieving our goals? Is it the support you've got from your family, friends and mentors? Is it the power and popularity that you would receive? Is is the pressure from your boss and workmates? Or is it money?

I was currently doing a research about procrastination and accidentally saw this video on a friend's Facebook profile. It is entitled "Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us" by RSA Animate which they adapted from Dan Pink's lecture. It's the opposite of what I am working on right now but the video is really great and worth sharing. Aside from the cool animated drawing (that's very catchy), I learned that money is a good motivator (that's a fact) but it does not apply to all kinds of activity especially those that requires complicated cognitive skills.

Thinking about it, I realized that...yes, it's true. On my previous job, at first, I was motivated by money. But as time goes by and as the task gets a bit more complex I am not thinking about the salary I would be getting from it anymore - which means money has lost its motivating powers on me. The salary I got is not that high but I can say that it's enough, so the salary seemed not be an issue anymore. 

Dank Pink is right aside from money there are still other interesting motivators around us. At work, he said that there are 3 factors that would lead an employee to better performance and personal satisfaction as well. 

Of course, I've seen these on psychology books but the animation seemed to emphasize it even more. First, is our desire to be self-directed - autonomy which my previous employer gave me. She let me decide on what's best for our clients and do my job the way I think it should be done. Second, is our urge to get better at stuff - mastery. If I want to get better on my job I should be determined to master everything about it. And that's what I did even before engaging with the company. I wanted to learn more about psychology so I enrolled myself on a masteral program and seek a job that is related to what I am studying to practice all the skills and use the training I gained from school. Lastly, the reason behind all these - our purpose. Why do we want to achieve our goals? That's the most important thing. We should be purpose maximisers not only profit maximisers. 

Money should not be our only motivator. If we want to achieve our goals and become a better person we should be able to exercise the three factors mentioned above: autonomy, mastery and purpose. If we are able to direct our lives, master the craft that we want and with a good purpose I am sure we would always be energized and motivated to walk towards our dreams. 

If you want to know more about what's motivating us watch the video.

Want to hear the whole lecture of Dan Pink check it here.

Credits to video owner: The RSA

I think I should focus more on motivations instead of procrastination. Haha! The video and the lecture is really great. It's a combination of Theories of Personality, Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Economics too.


Update on my Self-review

Readers sorry for not updating recently. I've got loads of school works to do and got no time to continue my review. This is just a short update on what's going on with my review.

First, I have to stop giving out copies of my Theories of Personality Reviewer so that I'd be able to edit and improve its contents. Currently, I have to set the editing aside because I spend lots of time on my research works. I received numerous requests but I'm really sorry I don't want to give out copies if I'm not confident enough that my reviewer would really help you. Hopefully, by the last week of March it would be done.

Secondly, I am planning to share useful PowerPoint presentations to you about several topics on the four board exam subjects. As a trial, I am posting today about Paranoid PD.

Lastly, I am halfway through my review on Industrial Psychology and would be happy to share it to you too. But unlike my previous reviewer on Theories of Personality it would be a pdf file to keep the copyright safe. I would also be posting that reviewer this March so watch out for it.

Thanks for reading the blog.


Ballet Manila Celebrates their 20th Anniversary

Up until now, I still can't believe I was invited on the press launch of Ballet Manila's 20th Anniversary Concert last Wednesday. It was a first and it's really a great experience since I was also a fan of ballet concerts during my college days. The press preview showcased 5 different pieces which highlighted BM's triumphant 20 years with significant repertoire tracing the company's road to success.

Ballet is a performance dance which originated during the Renaissance period and later developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia. Here in the Philippines, only one name immediately popped up when we talk about ballet, Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. She's the first Filipina Prima Ballerina and the first foreign soloist to join the Kirov Ballet which is a classical ballet company in Russia. And after receiving numerous recognition in ballet she now directs and teach ballet at the Ballet Manila School. 

As a principal dancer, Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde fondly remembers back in 1995 when the company had only 12 dancers. But the passion they all had for performance excellence was so strong that they conquered all challenges and kept the dance company intact through decades. Ms. Lisa added, "what makes us different from other companies is our commitment to the highest standards of classical ballet based on our Russian Vaganova roots."

After years of hard work and dedication, the dance company reaped the fruits of its hard-earned labor. From a mere 12 member dance company, Ballet Manila now has over 50 professional dancers. The company regularly holds its performances at Aliw Theater and Star theater, which are both located within Star City. 

And for their 20th Anniversary Concert, "the show will joyfully celebrate the distinct qualities that helped define  Ballet Manila over the last 20 years," Ms. Lisa added. 

The launch was opened by Ms. Lisa herself and I was awed by her classy and sophisticated aura. I've seen her perform and the smile and glow in her eyes never fades (luckily I've got the chance to take a picture with her). 

The preview started with "Paquita" which represents the company's Vaganova training. It's a traditional and a powerful dance that will truly catch your attention. It is the dance that would show off the technical refinements of BM's dancers.

The second performance would be a surprise (so even us have to wait for the full show) because it would be performed by an alumna, Christine Rocas which has been successful in Chicago, with her regular partner, Rory Hohenstein. 

The third part of the repertoire is a collaboration with an international choreographer. "Bloom" was choreographed by Belgian-Columbian choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. It was the first work that Ms. Annabelle has for an Asian dance company according to Ms. Lisa.

 The next performance is entitled "Tara Let's" which demonstrates Filipino music and choreography. "This reaffirms our commitment to bring the ballet to the people and people to the ballet," Ms. Lisa explained. The dance is choreographed by BM principal artist Gerardo Francisco.

And last but not the least, "Ecole" which ushers the new generation of ballet dancers. It features the top students and scholars of both Ballet Manila and Project Ballet Futures which provides dance scholarships to public school students.

After the preview, we were given the chance to chat with the principal dancers and soloists. I'm glad I've personally met the pretty and kind principal dancer Ms. Dawna Mangahas and the humble soloist Mr. Elpidio Magat. Both will perform the piece "Paquita" so watch out for them. Of course, all the other dancers were great, they shared about their passion for ballet and I admire them for being so dedicated with their craft. I'm also surprised to find out that they were young and yet they strive hard to become the best dancers that they can be. 

And of course, the greatest way to end the press launch is to hear it from Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. They've worked hard for the repertoire and hoping that people would get the chance to watch them. The preview is awesome and enthralling. So, I bet the whole concert would be as fascinating.

If you want to see something new and refreshing do watch Ballet Manila's 20th Anniversary Concert on February 28, 7:30 p.m. and on March 1, 3:00 p.m. at the Aliw Theater in Pasay City. Tickets are available at ticketworld (www.ticketworld.com.ph).


PH Papal Visit: Made Our Faith Even Stronger

I'm sure lots of Filipinos out there are teary eyed right now. Pope Francis' presence touched our hearts. The mere waves and smiles seemed to energized everyone waiting to catch a glimpse of His Holiness. And Pope Francis was overwhelmed by our warm welcome. I can't believe I am witnessing this rare chance of seeing the Pope. Even though I am just watching the historical event on TV I am still amazed by the Holy Father. It's like we've seen our Lolos in him. I just hope everyone will see through the real essence of the Papal Visit. This event is not just about the rare chance of taking photos of the Pope, it is about spreading the Words of God. His message is about us being disciples of God, should be socially responsible. The Holy Father is encouraging us to live according to the Words of our Lord not just by being religious but by being a good responsible individuals. 

The Holy Father wanted to reach out to our poor fellowmen at Leyte who've been victims of "Yolanda". I hope Pope's visit would motivate them, give them higher hopes and inspire them more to have a new life, a better new life with God's grace.

We Love You Pope Francis! Thank you for visiting us and reminding us that God is with Us.

 The Papal Visit would really make our faith even stronger.


BLEPP 2015 is scheduled this coming July!!!

PRC just released the schedule for the next Board Licensure Exam for Psychologists and Psychometrician (BLEPP) and it's only 7 months away. It was also announced during the 4th Oath Taking for Psychologists and Psychometricians last December 9, 2014.


So, the licensure exam for psychometricians would be on July 21 & 22, 2015 and the licensure exam for psychologists would be on July 23 & 24, 2015.

OMG! We really have to review this early and process our papers now so we'll have plenty of time in case there would be problems. Goodluck everyone!


61 Questions for Self-discovery

I’ve been seeing a lot of these question-and-answer posts from the blogs that I followed so I thought I would try answering the questions too. I found this HERE and there are actually 100 questions but I narrowed it down to 61 since I honestly can’t answer the other items. Well, in relation to psychology, answering these type of questions will able you to know more about yourself. It’s actually knowing yourself by asking your own self, a form of Introspection.

These are the questions that I've selected: 

·         What is the best compliment you’ve ever received? A friend of mine told me once that I am a beautiful person.
·         If a mysterious benefactor wrote you a check for $5000 and said, “Help me solve a problem – any problem!” …what would you do with him/her? I have a problem too, because I don’t trust strangers. If possible I’ll make a background check first but then, I don’t think I would agree with the deal, it’s really hard for me to trust people.
·         What’s going to be carved on your (hypothetical) tombstone? R.I.P. You are loved and will be remembered always.
·         What’s one dream that you’ve tucked away for the moment? How come? I really want to start a cupcake business but I prioritized my job hunting at the moment.
·         What are you starving for? Blueberry cheesecake.
·         If you could have a tea with one fictional character, who would it be? I’d love to have a tea with Harry Potter or Prince Maxon of the Selection Series.
·         Do you have a morning ritual? None.
·         Do you believe in magic? When have you felt it? I’m really a fan of fantasy stories even when I was a kid, so I guessed that influenced me to believe that there’s really magic.
·         Have you ever fantasized about changing your first name? To what? Yes. I think Erin or Alexandrei would be a cool name.
·         If you could sit down with your 15 year old self, what would you tell her? Live your life and be spontaneous.
·         What are you bored of? The fact that I don’t have anything fun to do at home.
·         What’s the best birthday cake you ever ate? The one I personally made.
·         Do you think love is chemical, intellectual, spiritual or completely undefinable? I think Love is a combination of all.
·         Have you ever dreamed of starting a business? Yes, it’s either a cupcake or a shirt printing business.
·         Are you afraid of flying in airplanes? No, because I love the fact that I can see the world from a top view.
·         What’s your most urgent priority for the rest of the year? Look for a new job.
·         Have you ever been genuinely afraid of your physical safety? Always. I’ll admit I am a paranoid.
·         Has a teacher ever changed your life? All my teachers changed my life because every one of them imparted new information on my brain which made me view the world differently every time.
·         Are there any household chores you secretly enjoy? Cooking because I love eating.
·         What does fear feel like in your body? Fear speeds up my heart beat.
·         Do you think you’re currently operating at 100% capacity? At the moment, I don’t think so, because I haven’t done anything productive lately aside from doing my daily chores and my school works.
·         What do you value most: free time, recognition or money? I value free time the most because with that time you can make money and gain recognition.
·         Would you like to write a book? Yes. I have dreamt of being a writer when I was younger and if given the chance to write my own book I think it would be about Life Tips, dos and donts…something like that.
·         If you could choose your own life obstacles, would you keep the ones you have? Yes. I would be glad to have the same obstacles.
·         Have you ever screamed at someone? I’ve always screamed at my siblings because I hate their mess. They always leave their things anywhere in the house and I’m always the one who brought them to their proper places.
·         Do you think there’s going to be an anti-technology whiplash in our lifetime? Hmmm, it’s hard to say but technology advances so fast that it affects our way of living both positively and negatively. There could be a chance. I don’t know.
·         When and where do you get your best ideas? When I’m surfing the net I always find something awesome, something that would make me think or inspire me and I think that is where and when I get my best ideas.  
·         What’s in your fridge right now? Ice cream and some minced veggies.
·         Can you tell when someone is lying? I can see it in their eyes and their gestures.
·         Can you tell when someone is telling the truth? It’s on their overt behavior.
·         Have you ever pushed your body further than you dreamed possible? Not yet.
·         Are you living your Life Purpose or still searching for it? I’m still searching for it.
·         Have you ever had to make a public apology? Not yet and I hope it won’t happen.
·         How do you celebrate your victories? Eating out with my family, thanking God for His blessings and by being kind to people around me.
·         Would you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert or ambivert? Currently I am an ambivert but most of the time I prefer being at home than socializing with other people, that makes me an introvert.
·         Do you think everyone has the capacity to be a Leader? I don’t think so. If you are not a good follower I don’t think you can be a good leader.
·         Is War a necessary Evil? No.
·         Are you a starter, a finisher or an implementer? I think I am an implementer. If ever I start a project I see to it that I would finish it on time. And not just finish but be able to implement or use the project that I made.
·         Have you ever unplugged from the internet for more than a week? Yes. When I went to my dad’s hometown. There’s no internet connection so I haven’t used the internet for 10 days.
·         Do you think we should live like we’re dying? Yes, so that we could enjoy and treasure every single chance that god gave us.
·         Do you have any habits or quirks you wish you could erase? Yes.
·         Would you rather be a lonely genius or a sociable idiot? I would rather be a sociable idiot because socializing and interacting with other people is a necessity. I would rather be an idiot who knows how to communicate and interact with other people than a genius who doesn’t mingle with others.
·         What’s your very first job? I worked as a Psychometrician.
·         What brings you sheer delight? Being with my whole family.
·         Are you highly useful in a crisis? YES.
·         Do you like to be saved or being the one who do the saving? I’d prefer to be the saver.
·         If you were heading out on a road trip this minute what would you pack? A pair of clean clothes, towel, first aids, phone and charger, money, IDs, snacks, my headphones, a book and my camera.
·         Do you have irrational fears? Yes.
·         If you were to die 3 hours from now, what would you regret? Having no time to say goodbye to my sibs because they’re at work and at school.
·         Have you ever set two friends up on a date? Not yet.
·         Have you ever questioned your faith? No.
·         Have you ever had a psychic reading? Not yet but I really wanted to.
·         Have you ever actually kept a New Year’s resolution? Honestly, I haven’t but I always tried.
·         Have you ever met someone who was genuinely evil? Everyone has a good heart.
·         Do you secretly miss Polaroid cameras? Don't own one but definitely miss it.
·         What’s in your purse right now? Some bills and coins, IDs and fast food receipts.
·         What makes you so special? I am special because I am a unique creation of God.
·         Ever fantasized being in a Rock band? What would your group be called? Yes. Haven’t thought of a name yet.
·         Have you ever stolen anything? I am guilty of stealing coins when I was a kid.
·         Have you ever won an award? Academic Excellence and special awards at school.
·         How long can you comfortably go without checking your emails or texts? A day.

I’m sorry if you find my answers gibberish, it’s really hard to answer all the questions. But this is a good way to test your inner self. I spent a day trying to answer some of the difficult questions but it would be great if you can answer them right away.

Try this out too to discover more about yourselves. Choose a question from above and share your thoughts with me (leave your answers on my comment box please). I’m happy to know more about you.


Processing your CAV from CHED

Hello there readers!

How's your week?

I just wanted to share to those who are already processing their requirements for the Board Licensure Exam for Psychologists and Psychometricians 2015 that these days would be the perfect time to get your Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV) from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). I've processed my CAV within 5 hours only unlike on peak seasons were you have to wait for a month for CHED to release your CAV. I went to CHED at around 10 am and I've got the certificate by 3 pm and I only paid 40 pesos. The certificate is valid for 1 year so you don't have to worry about validity issues with the PRC. So, what are you waiting for?

The Certificate of Authentication and Verification is a requirement in case your school does not issue Special Order number which should be indicated on your diploma. You can request for a CAV through your school. In my case, I've paid more or less 470 pesos for the Request letter which also includes a true copy of my TOR, picture and documentary stamp. All of which should be included on the envelop to be assessed by CHED. The processing time for the request letter from my school took me a month. And for CHED, it could be a day or a 30-day process also.  So, you have to do this really ahead of time.

Remember, early birds catches the worm. Good luck!

Miss Layne


Psychologists and Psychometrician Licensure Exam 2015

Hey Readers!

I would like to congratulate again all the successful examinees who took the 1st ever Licensure Exam for Psychologists and Psychometricians last October. Now, it's time for the second batch of hopefuls.

Since, it's still 11 months away, I thought it would be great to start things over this early. Time has prevented me from taking the test last month. I haven't prepared all the requirements on time, so, I decided to give it up and try it next year. This time I promise to do it early. 

If you want to be prepared like me, let's take the journey together!!!

So, how are we going to prepare for the upcoming batch of the licensure exam?

1. WHY?

First thing that we have to know is the reason why we now have this so-called licensure exam for psychologists and psychometricians.

The PSYCHOLOGY ACT OF 2009 or the R.A. 10029

According to the Implementing Rules and Regulations posted by PRC, the RA 10029 states that it is:
"An act to regulate the practice of Psychology, creating for this purpose a Professional Regulatory Board of Psychology, appropriating funds therefor and for other purposes..."
 Through this Act, Psychology degree holders are encouraged to take the licensure exam. More about the IRR of RA 10029 here.

2. WHO?

So, who are qualified to take the Licensure Exam for Psychologists and Psychometricians?

Check the answer on my previous blog post HERE.

3. WHAT?

What are the subjects covered on the examination?

See my previous blog post HERE.

If I want to take the Licensure Exam for Psychologists what are the documentary requirements that I need to prepare?

Documentary requirements for Psychologists:

a) Original and Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate
b) Marriage Contract for married female aspirants
c) Original and True copy of Transcript of Records with scanned picture and S.O. Number (CAV in case your school does not issue SO Number)
d) Certified true copy of certificate of practicum training, clinical internship or work experience stating the place of internship, detailed psychological services given and number of hours rendered which should be duly notarized. 
e) Original and photocopy of NBI Clearance
f) Three duly notarized certificate of Good Moral Character
g) Notarized Original certificate of Mental Health and Mental Fitness from a Psychiatrist or Registered/Licensed Clinical Psychologist
h) 2 passport size picture in white background and with complete name tag
i) Cedula

If I want to take the Licensure Exam for Psychometrician what are the necessary documents to prepare?

Check my previous blog post HERE.

4. HOW?

Lastly, how are we going to prepare/review for the licensure exam?

Well, you have three options.

Option A: Enroll yourself on a credible review center. They will surely help refresh your knowledge in Psychology. The advantage of this, is that you would be given a lot of references, review materials and you will have plenty of practice tests. The only downside, review centers can be costly. I have some review centers HERE.

Option B: If your school offers review session, join them. There's no better way to review, than with your alma mater. Your previous professors or your dean would surely help you review since you will also bear the school's name when you succeed. Your professors would be more motivating than any other instructors out there (well if they're really the motivating type). The advantage is that you might know the instructors personally and be comfortable with their teaching style.

Option C: Self-review. The advantage, you control the expenses and you control the schedule. The cons, minimal references if you're not the resourceful type, not motivating if you're not really the studious type. 

In my case, I've decided to try the licensure exam by just reviewing all by myself. I mean reviewing on my own, reading stuff and answering practice tests on my own. Because I don't want to be disappointed (financially) if I fail it the first try and I wanted to test myself too. At this point, I have also completed most of the documentary requirements (because I've been preparing the papers since June 2014). I have my new TOR with CAV from CHED, my NSO birth certificate, my NBI clearance and my Good Moral certificates. But I am actually crossing my fingers that these documents would still be valid on the time that PRC would start accepting applicants for the 2015 Licensure Exam for Psychologists and Psychometricians. Aside from that, if you haven't checked my previous posts, I have also started my review specifically on Theories of Personality and Psychological Testing. So, if you are like me, hoping to take the next licensure exam, I encourage you to start processing your requirements and start browsing your psychology textbooks. 

If you have questions about the licensure exam please do not hesitate to leave your queries below. I will try my best to answer your question ASAP. 

PS I am still revising my Theories of Personality Reviewer.