20 Things I realized at the age of 27

We only live once but most of the time we do not get to live the life that we want. But whatever status or lifestyle you have right now, you should learn to accept and experience life. In my 27 years of existence, I could say that my life has been simple and monotonous, yet I am very grateful. I may not been through remarkable ups and downs like most of my age have been, I know that the Lord is preparing me for something great in the future. 

For all my readers who have been going through a test of life, just keep fighting and holding on. Remember that you are not alone. God gave you that challenge because He knows you can successfully overcome it. 

20 Things I learned at the age of 27

No, it is not my birthday yet but I just wanted to share to you these 20 things that I realized now that I am about to turn 28 in a few months. It has taken me this long to realize and appreciate these things but because I am in the adulthood stage now, little by little I came to understand how life goes around.  

1. People always come and go. The playmates you made when you're a kid or the besties you have in high school - they will all be gone. Just that. It is unavoidable. People tend to come into our lives but most of them won't stay long. People always move. 

2. Being a bit paranoid will keep you safe. The world is dangerous. If you reached my age and have not experienced discrimination, harassment, theft, sadness, or even a heart-break you are lucky enough. Life has not been tough on you because you are keen enough to avoid it. 

3. There is always a point that you will chase for something new. After 27 years, you would realize how time flies so fast and it will struck on you that you have not tried traveling, exploring beautiful places, tasting exotic foods, meeting strangers, attending a yoga class or that you have been doing the same job for the past 10 years and nothing has changed. Doing this over and over again will bore you so from time to time you have to find a new perspective. Go out of your shell and look for a change. 

4. YOLO. So, while you still have the time, do the things that you want to do, do it! Go to the places you've been eyeing for years, travel alone, pamper yourself with a bubble bath, go cliff diving... fall in love!

5. You will not experience freedom until you separate from your parents. Yes, I know this will be hard. But living independently will give you so much freedom that you have not expected when you are stuck with your parents. However, it takes a lot of courage, planning and saving money. 

6. Cooking and cleaning the house is fun! Yes, I hated it as much as you do, but that's when I was a teenager. When you reach this age, you will enjoy it. It will be a ME-time and a way to de-clutter your life too. 

7. Studying for the exams or finishing your thesis isn't the hardest thing you'll get through. As a young adult, you'll realize that finishing college is not the end of your dilemma. It is just the start. You will encounter more challenges in life to become better.

8. Few is more. Having a few close friends is way better than having thousands of FB friends or thousands of  IG followers. The more friends you have on social media, I bet, the more sad your life is. Find real ones babe!

9. Punctuality is a test of respect. By now, you should have realized how important it is to come on time. You know how it hurts if the person you are meeting with comes thirty minutes late. Such a waste of your precious time. It means he/she does not respect your presence or the time you are investing just to meet him/her. 

10. It is important to have an open mind. Do not be conceited, skeptic and cynical. You do know everything. Open your mind to learn and open your heart to accept that it's 2018. 

11. Be yourself. Do not lie to your self. Sometimes you have flaunted your ideal self too much and covered your real self just to gain acceptance and belonging but girl, it is not good for you. Learn to love the real you! Others would not love who you are unless you love yourself first.

12. Your parents have been right on most things but not all. If they say don't talk to strangers, don't. If they say don't talk when your mouth is full, then don't. If they say been there, done that, believe them. 

13. Follow your heart's desire. Stop listening to what others has to say. Stop living up to somebody's standards. Just follow what your heart whispers to you. 

14. A good boss is better than a good salary. Do not look for high paying jobs instead look for a good boss who will inspire you to become better. A good boss who will teach you to become successful, high salary will satisfy your basic needs but will not give you a better life.

15. It's okay to be spontaneous. Do not be afraid to speak your mind and come out of your comfort zone. Just do it!

16. Spending time with your friends is better than scanning through IG and FB feeds. Socialize in-person not online. It is way better to have personal contact and actual communication than a video call or liking up your friend's latest DP. 

17. Crying doesn't mean you are weak. Reaching adulthood means you've went through a lot of trials. And not all the time a person is strong enough to conquer them all. There are time that we have to admit that we feel down and that we need help. Remember it's okay to cry. Crying doesn't mean you are weak, it just shows that you have been strong for a long time. By crying you are venting out all the burdens that you have. It may not solve the problem but it will ease your heavy feeling. 

18. You will be more concerned with what is happening around you. Evening news now interests you. At this point you are also seeking your life's advocacy. Many young adults became parts of campaigns for climate change, human rights, mental health awareness, gender equality, etc. It is good to join fun runs and activities that will help fund charities for saving our Mother Earth or to save animal lives. So, start searching and dig deeper on how you can help increase awareness to other people. 

19. Learning to prioritize would be your best weapon. May it be on your career, your family or your life goals you should by now realize how important it is to organize your life and prioritize your objectives. Do not be a "come-what-may" or a "happy-go-lucky" person. 

20. Simple things will make you happier. Isn't it heart warming to see babies smile when they are sleeping, to see flowers bloom in your little garden or just to witness the sun set? Happiness is not about being rich and famous. 

How about you? Do you have life lessons like these? Share it with me, I want to hear from you!

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Employee Motivation

What motivates an employee in an organization?

Have you read this part under Industrial Psychology? I hope, yes. Because this might be included on the BLEPP 2018. There are different theories about employee motivation. So, if you are looking for additional readings on Motivation, I have listed a couple of links below to help you!

After reading my review material, I have realized that employees can be motivated in different ways. What I find motivating may not be motivating for my co-employees. So, I summarized some points that can be useful for your review and for those who are working in the Human Resource field. 

Employees are motivated if...

  • They have high self esteem that they can do their job
Employees with high self-esteem usually perceives tasks given to them as a challenge of their skills and abilities. They believe in their own skills and experiences and accepts jobs easily because they know they can do it. While employees with low self-esteem usually refuses to do additional jobs because they fear that they could not do it and they might disappoint their bosses. 

  • Their needs and inner states are fulfilled
Employees can be easily motivated by giving them compensation according to the labor standards. If employees work longer hours or assigned to difficult tasks but receives below minimum wage, they would not be motivated to do their jobs. 

  • When they are challenged, they have control, they can help and influence others
Jobs that requires you to exert more effort, think out of the box or lead a team is more motivating than jobs dealing with computer or paper works. I personally experienced this. When I was working as an Assistant, there came a point that I wanted to quit because I felt like I was confined in a box, that I cannot do anything unless my boss or supervisor advised me. I honestly felt suffocated that time, I told myself that I wanted a job where I could use my brain, I wanted something that's challenging than sourcing and interviewing applicants. And that is where I get my motivation, I always think that I want a better position to challenge my skills so I tend to do and perform at my best.

  • If their jobs are meaningful, they are responsible for the outcomes, and they constantly receives feedback
Employees with meaningful and significant jobs are more motivated than those doing clerical works. I am not generalizing but most of the time this is real. If employees feel that the operations of the company is greatly affected by his tasks, he is more motivated because he can feel his impact to the organization. This is also the case if they are in control of the whole tasks and they are the sole responsible for the outcome of the task. Kasi pag iba-ibang employees ang pinagdadaanan ng isang task tapos pumalpak ang output nauuwi sa sisihan and every one is at fault. Employees would feel that they are betrayed by his co-employees and much better kung siya na lang ang gumawa nun task ng mag-isa. In the end employees will not be motivated to perform better because his work will depend on the contribution of other employees. But this could be balanced out if managers or supervisors constantly give feedback to their subordinates. In that way employees would know if they are doing the tasks correctly or not.

  • They have set their goals aligned with the organizations
Honestly, I seldom observe this to employees. Bihira lang ang magseset ng goals according sa objectives ng company. Employees tend to plan their tasks at their own phase. Minsan may deadlines set pero hindi din nasusunod. If employees prioritize the goals and schedule of the company they would know where they stand and would be motivated to strive and perform better. 

  • Good performance is equivalent to a valuable reward
Who would not be motivated with a reward? But rewards still loss their sparkle in the long run especially if it is not valuable to the targeted recipients. So, the key is to choose a reward that employees would be happy to receive. 

  • If they know they are treated fairly and they know every one is treated equally
Upon understanding this theory, I realized that all employees have the tendency to be jealous of what other employees are receiving or experiencing. This is because we do not experience equity at work. So, employees would only be motivated if they perceive that they are paid fairly and that their co-workers are also being paid according to their performance versus his own. Dito lumalabas ung mga katanungan na "bakit mas mataas ang sahod niya eh parehas lang naman kami ng ginagawa, minsan nga mas madami pa akong natatapos kesa sa kanya?" So, employers should be very careful in treating each employees and maintaining confidentiality of compensation among employees. 

  • They know that their co-employees are motivated
I remember way back in college that we discussed in sociology about "collective behavior" - resulting from an experience shared by the members of the group that engenders a sense of common interest and identity (Britanicca.com). This theory is somehow related to that in a sense that if you perceive your co-employees to be motivated with their jobs you will also adopt their motivation. Kapag masaya yung mga kasama mo sa trabaho nila more likely makukuha mo at ma-aadapt mo yung pagiging motivated nila sa sarili mong trabaho. 

I hope I have helped you understand the different theories better based on my own understanding and my experiences at work. Could you guess the Motivational Theories I have mentioned? 

Good luck to your review guys! Let's ace Industrial/Organizational Psychology. 


Study Plan for Psychometrician Board Exam

As you can see it is only over a hundred days before the board exam. Have you started your review? 

Warning: This post is dedicated for psychology graduates who are into self-study or self-review. 

Okay, I am not decided yet if I will be pursuing the board exams this 2018. Because as I have mentioned on my previous blogs, I have tried to review for the Psychometrician Board Exam last 2014, I think, but I decided not to pursue it since my work went in the way. Now, since I took a break from work, I decided to focus on my master's degree. So I guessed, I could make use of my time to review as well and try the boards this time. But to lessen expenses, I still want to try and review it myself. 

So to kick off my "self-review" (if would be really taking the exams, ugh I can't decide), I made up my STUDY PLAN. Yes, you have to plan for it. If you want to pass give your best effort dapat. A Study Plan is like any other plans. You have to pinpoint what is your goal or objective and then list down the steps you have to take in order to meet your goals. Like a game plan. 

Since we have limited time, exactly 123 days to go before the 29th of October you have to be strict with your study plan. Keep in mind that if you procrastinate, time will run out. You also have to keep in mind the 4 subjects you need to review and re-read. It's only 4 but it's quite a lot if you are working and you have limited time. 

Sample Study Plan for BLEPP

Let's say we only have 100 days to go. I'd like to think that way so the extra days will be spent to relax and not over think when BLEPP is near. You have to budget or divide the 100 days into 4 subjects if you want to finish it on-time. So, that would be 25 days per subject. 

25 days should be spent to review each of the 4 subjects

Now, choose which subject comes first and the rest will follow. In my case, I chose to review Industrial Psychology first because it is what I do at work as an HR (I can relate to it), followed by Theories of Personality, Abnormal Psychology and Psychological Assessment. 

1st: 25 days for IOP
2nd: 25 days for TOP
3rd: 25 days for Ab Psych
4th: 25 days for Psych Assessment

If you want to spend more days to read each subject you can try this way. 100 days is about 3 months. Divide it in half. You can spend 1.5 months per subject, two subjects per day. 

First set
1.5 months:
AM: Theories of Personality
PM: Abnormal Psychology

Second Set
1.5 months:
AM: Psychological Assessment
PM: Industrial Psychology

It's definitely up to you! Then after finalizing the span of your review per subject, you now have to schedule you readings. Not every one can spend the whole day reviewing. So for those with limited time this step is very important. You really have to follow and manage your time to make sure everything is according to your plan. In my case, I do not think about the time per se but the amount of readings I need to finish per day or per hour. 

Day 1
Must finish first 3 chapters of IOP
Must finish first 3 chapters of TOP
Evening/Before sleeping:

Because if you based it on a time frame it will be difficult since after work there are still things to do before you can finally sit and review. Pero kung may oras ka naman, a time frame is also ideal. 

After setting your schedule, next is to plan the rewards after each little goal is achieved. Yes, you can reward your self. It will add more fun to your review, you can use it as a motivation and it is a good break after all the readings you need to accomplish. Little things will do. You can reward your self with pieces of sweets or even watching the latest video of your favorite vlogger. Just be creative!

Lastly, include in your study plan the materials you are going to read and use. Plan and research books that are rich in content. Be resourceful, you don't always have to buy. I can give you free e-books too, just click on Materials on the tabs above. Or you can borrow from your psych friends. Using reading aids like highlighters, sticky notes, whiteboards, manila papers, index cards and colored pens are also a good way to keep your eyes open while reading so make sure to have them at the ready too!

I hope my sample study plan gave you an idea on how to make your own. Planning your study is better than just reading without any goal in mind. If you have other study plans you can share it below and let others know. Good luck to your review loves!

Requirements for Psychologist Board Exam Philippines

If you are looking forward to be a Licensed or Registered Psychologist in the Philippines you have to check first if you are QUALIFIED. Check out my previous post regarding the qualifications for taking the board exam. If you are qualified, better prepare the following requirements ASAP. By the way, the exam would be on October 29-30, 2018.


1. Original and photocopy of Certificate of Live Birth from NSO for Filipino citizens. For foreign citizens, a copy of the law of the state or country which permits Filipino Psychologists to practice.

2. For married applicants, Marriage Contract from NSO.

3. Original and photocopy of TOR with scanned picture, indicating SO Number or Certificate of Authentication and Validation from CHED if school is not issuing SO Number.

4. Certified True Copy of certificate of practicum training, clinical internship or work experience, specifying the institution where this internship training was spent, and the detailed activities or psychological services and number of hours rendered, under the supervision of a licensed Psychologist or any licensed Mental Health professional, should be signed by the same authority and duly notarized. 

5. Original and photocopy of NBI clearance.

6. Three Certificate of Good Moral Character from school, employer, church or barangay captain that is duly notarized.

7. Original certificate of Mental Health and Mental Fitness from a Psychiatrist or a Certified/Registered Psychologist that is notarized. 

8. Two colored passport size pictures with white background and complete name tag.

9. Community Tax Certificate

10. Examination Fee (I am not sure how much it will cost)

Prepare all this necessary documents on or before July 25, 2018. Source of the list I mentioned above is the IRR Psychology Law RA 10029. 

For the requirements for Psychometrician Board Exam pls click HERE!


Towards Zero Waste

Since I have been spending more time at home, I used that to try and learn new things. As you can see I've watch movies, read books, went back to my hobbies and tried simple and fun recipes to cover those extra hours. But aside from that, the last few months also opened my eyes to a new advocacy. 

I have shared before that since I was a kid I always stood by "fairness and equality" and that is how my sibs knew me. I never like situations wherein I sense discrimination and unfair judgment. And just because I have more time alone away from stress, I have discovered my new advocacy in life.

I wanted to make my own little steps to be part of the Zero Waste campaigns as a way to save our Mother Earth. As a young adult, I have seen how our environment had changed, badly. In a sense that our nature was destroyed in order to welcome new developments that we humans think is needed in order to live a better life. Yes, these developments gave a comfortable life but in the long run our children (my children to be) and grandchildren will suffer. 

Luckily, the PH government decided to shutdown tourist activities on the popular beach of the Philippines, Boracay to clean and organize the sewage system around the island. Because the beach is getting worst due to the indifference of the people inhabiting and making business on the island and the tourists using the place without respect to the environment. That is a sample how our nature deteriorates because of developments. I certainly hope Boracay would be able to recover back it's breath-taking beauty, the way I saw it when I was a child. 

So, to make my steps towards helping and being part of this advocacy to zero waste, as a start I promised myself to bring my weapons with me whenever we go out to eat. Me and my friends love eating on fast food chains and food parks wherein they usually use plastic or styro packaging for food. And after eating, the plastics and styros that we used usually go and adds up to the pile of waste that our city has. Imagine how many times you go out with your friends and enjoy your drinks within plastic or paper cups. Imagine how many times you ate delivered lunch with your workmates and the  paper boxes, plastic spoons and forks or styros are immediately thrown out to the garbage. If you combine them together I am sure that you can put up a big pile of trash in front of you.

Since this can be an impending problem for all of us, a problem that cannot be solved if only a few people will work let us do our share. Like what Victor Frankl once stated, "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." Let us start the solution within ourselves, within our home and from there share it to your community. 

From now own I will always use and bring my own set of spoon and fork. I'll refuse to use plastic spoon and fork whenever I eat or buy food outside. I'll bring with me also my own tumbler and refrain from buying bottled drinks.  I know it is just a simple act. Yes it is. But this is a good start right? 

Aside from that, I will also join the upcoming Zero Waste + Sustainable Fair happening this July 21-22, 2018, the first ever THE GOOD TRADE in Manila. This will take place at Central Square, Bonifacio Global City from 10:00am to 10:00pm, free registration. 

The Good Trade is where you can see and buy #Allthegoodstuff from zero waste tools, ethical fashion, vegan skin care, locally sourced food to refillable stations. But not only that! They also have an interactive photo booth, talks and demos, and repair and donation stations for your old stuff. So it's a place to be!

The people behind The Good Trade believes that we can live a life that's good and does good! They made it their mission to gather brands with the same philosophy so that consumers can make ethical and zero waste purchases without fuss. 

By joining the fair, you'll be part of a community of passionate individuals and brands that create positive social impact. The Good Trade seek to connect, inspire and empower consumers to live a lifestyle with simplicity and honesty at its core. By sharing in The Good Trade philanthropy also means to pay it forward in our community and the world

I hope you guys can join us too and help spread this advocacy towards zero waste. Some of the brands that you can expect at The Good Trade are as follows:

Humble Market
Pinkies Farm
ANTHILL Fabric Gallery
Candid Clothing
Cupping Initiative 
Sip PH
Organic Alley
Zero Basics
P.S. Crafts with Soul
Vitrum Upcycled Bottles and Crafts

And a whole lot more! So reserve that dates, July 21-22 and see you at Central Square, BGC. Who knows by joining the fair you will also realized that you need to start the change within you to help save our Mother Earth. 

For more details you can visit the page of The Good Trade below.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegoodtrade.ph/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thegoodtrade.ph

If you are a business you can also join this fair. Check out The Good Trade's FB page for more info.

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BLEPP 2018 Schedule

Hey there! Just 28 days to go before the start of filing of applications for the Board Licensure Examination for Psychologists and Psychometrician 2018. How are you guys doing?

I know most of you are already enrolled on review centers, some are believing that they can do it on their own while others are thinking if they could really make it to the exams given that they have other priorities at work. I may be one of the latter. But might as well study. 

Again, I was an aspirant way back 2014 but was not able to pursue the exam due to my job. Now, 2018 is another chance to finally start moving towards this goal - that is to pass the BLEPP and be a Registered Psychometrician. 

Just a few reminders before you file your applications for Psychometrician Board Exam:

1. Make sure you have taken all the subjects included on the BLEPP. If you missed one like me, you have to attend classes and have your updated Transcript of Records at the ready. 

BLEPP Subjects for Psychometricians:
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Theories of Personality
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Industrial Psychology
Source: PRC May 2018 Board Program release

In our curriculum (BS Clinical Psychology), Industrial Psychology is not included. So, I have to enroll on the graduate program to earn the required units. 

2. Make sure to request a TOR from your school with your picture printed on it and with Special Order number. 

In my case, my alma matter is exempted in issuing SO number so I have to go to CHED and get the Certificate of Authentication and Validation.

3. Prepare the rest of the requirements like NSO birth certificate, marriage certificate if applicable, cedula, NBI clearance and Good Moral Certificate from your school, church, barangay or employer that is notarized. 

4. Once your requirements are ready, you now have to wait for the go signal of PRC. While waiting you have to start your review!

Aside from what was retained on your mind for the past 4 years of studying Psychology you also have to take our all your Psychology books, handouts, outlines and notes because that will be your weapon. You have to refresh them. Lucky the Board only included 4 subjects: Ab Psych, TOP, IOP and Psych Assessment. I have heard from board passers that you really have to prepare for Psych Assessment because it is the hardest subject. If you think you will need help and that your background in Psychology is not that comprehensive you can still enroll on Review Centers. There are some who are still accepting attendees from crash courses, distance learning and digital reviews. But in my case, I am not yet sure if my schedule would allow me to take the licensure exam this year, I will stick with my own reviewers and resources and study on my own. 

5. Keep working within your goal, meaning do not stop reading and re-reading your references.
You still have 123 days left before the BLEPP 2018. Focus on your review and make your own study plan. If you need study tips check my previous post here. 

Let me know if you are one of the hopefuls this 2018 Board Licensure Exam for Psychologists and Psychometrician. I want to hear from you. 

For more info check my previous post: Requirements for BLEPP


Millennials: On Looking for a Job

Millennials are common subjects on TV shows, articles, researches and magazines because they are often stereotyped as young, impatient, assertive and rebellious individuals which made the world worried, especially the working industry because they will surely be managing most companies by 2025.  But is that really true? 

I came from the millenial era too, if we are going to base the years as what Wikipedia stated, early 1980's to early 2000 covers the millennial era. But based on my observation, I think there is still much difference between 1980-1990's babies and the year 2000 babies. But let's not deal on that anymore because this post is not about that. 

I was scanning over Facebook Job hiring groups lately and it came to me that there are a lot of job opportunities available on that social media site alone and yet there are quite a number of unemployed. Specifically, I was wondering why Millenials are having a hard time looking for a job. 

Madaming available na trabaho hindi lang sa Facebook. May mga job portals din gaya ng Jobstreet, Bestjobs, Careerjet, Indeed, Pinoyjobs, etc. na nag-ooffer din ng mga trabaho sa iba't ibang kumpanya. Mayroon ding inooffer na opportunities ang local government thru PESO offices. Pero bakit hindi pa din makahanap agad ng trabaho ang isang millennial/fresh grad?

Reasons why Millennials are having a hard time gaining a job

Image by rawpixel.com

1. No Experience
Employers often prefer applicants with relevant work experiences because they are much convenient to work with - lesser training needed and more mature work attitude. But how would a millennial gain work experience if all companies would choose experienced applicants over them? I think companies are also at fault here. Let's give these generation a try. Do not conclude yet because their resume states that they do not have any work experience yet. Let us give them chance and teach them well. 

2. Strong stereotype against Millennials
Because social media had already spread negative things about them, companies also stereotyped the millennials as "isip bata, tamad, maikli ang pasensya, maarte, mareklamo, mahirap pasunurin". Companies are doubtful to hire millennials because they are affected with such stereotypes. I myself as an HR, have proven that these stereotypes are true to some of the millennial applicants I have encountered on interviews which made me decline their applications. But honestly, there are few great minds within them. Keep in mind that these are just stereotypes, meaning they are just assumptions.

3. Overwhelming opportunities 
Millennials might be having a hard time focusing on looking for a job because they are bombarded with different opportunities in front of them. Minsan nga mas mabenta pa sa kanila un mga bagay that are pushing them to follow what they love like being an IG influencer, traveling, maging famous sa Snapchat or Tik Tok, or maging sikat na YouTube Vlogger rather than looking for a legit stable job. Because of what the internet offers them they cannot choose which one to prioritized. Kumbaga madalas out-of-focus sila. Not only yung mga millennials na naghahanap ng work, even those who are already employed, I think they have higher tendency na madistract sa trabaho at magfocus sa ibang bagay because of the effect of internet on them. 

4. Lack of Loyalty
Again, I am not generalizing here but most of the millennials have lower chance to build loyalty on the company because they know or they believe that there are other opportunities out there or that they deserve a better salary and a better company than what they have now. They have this self-entitlement that they are way better than the others. Maswerte na yung makalagpas sila ng isang taon sa trabaho. Here comes again the stereotype that they are impatient, because they are. I have witnessed this happen too. They might have build this impatient attitude because they are born in the age where technology is blooming. Everything that you need can be done in an instant. You cannot blame them. Hindi sila sanay sa matagalan. They are not afraid of changing jobs and just move on. 

5. Pampered life
Since they are born within the technology age, they have most things within their reach. If they want to learn to play the guitar they will just go to YouTube. If they want to get photography inspirations they can check Pinterest. If they want to learn more about the life of the celebrity they look up to they will just follow them on Facebook or Instagram. If they want the world to know their thoughts and opinions they just have to tweet it with a hashtag on Twitter. If they need to go shopping they could do it on Amazon, Shopify, Lazada or Shoppee. It's like the internet can do anything for them, they just need to ask. Which in effect, most millennials nasanay sa pampered life, madali ang mga bagay para sa kanila. So, if they encounter just a little difficulty in applying for a job they would easily give up. Kapag umuulan, kapag hindi nagreply yung dapat kasama nila sa interview, kapag traffic o kapag mainit ang panahon siguradong hindi na yan pupunta sa interview. Same while working, if they are faced with too much work load, lots of overtimes and too much work issues they quit easily. They want a work where they can be free. They can be retained if they feel there is a balance between work and life. 

6. Idealistic vs Realistic
Most millennials are so idealistic. They are after the comfort not the essence. They prefer Instagram worthy offices than an old office where the can learn more. They prefer high salaries than starting on a minimal salary to gain understanding on how to climb the professional ladder. They think they are worth the high salary even if they do not have enough skills yet. There is nothing wrong with having high confidence or being idealistic but you have to balance your competence with it too. Companies are realistic. They pay what they get from the employees. If you want a high salary you have to work for it from the bottom. You should have a good skill set, knowledge, experience and personality to be worth their pay. That is how it works. Unless you want instant money, work on a BPO company instead. 

7. Leisure time is prioritized
Millennials are seldomly seen stressed maybe because they ensure that they always have a Me-time. They grew up believing that You-Only-Live-Once so make the most of it. They like adventures and they are more spontaneous when it comes to what they want to do with their life. So, this becomes an issue for the HR people. Millennials usually ask for vacation leaves to explore and treat themselves.  They want to travel locally or abroad, reunite with family or friends, eat on an expensive resto, explore on a local museum, attend craft workshops, or just attend a birthday party rather than deal with a report that is due the following day. 

8. They compare
Millennials have the tendency to compare themselves to their fellow millennials. Because of social media, one's self-esteem is easily affected. And since they are into social media most of the time, comparison cannot be avoided. Most of the time that is also preventing them from applying for a job. At work, it is a common scenario that a millennial would assertively ask an HR or her supervisor why her co-workers receive the same salary as her but her job is much more difficult. 

9. Not yet ready
Lastly, millennials are often disapproved by hiring managers because they come to the interview unprepared. While everything is available on the web, they do not have time to read deeper and prepare themselves for a job interview. As an applicant, make sure to read the background of the company you want to work with. Prepare your attire and read tips or prepare a sample interview questions which you expect to be asked and answer them. You should also research the common job description on the position you are applying for so you will not come to an interview naive. 

What do you think? Are my thoughts right? 

I think the Eight Reasons Why a Millennial is having a Hard Time to Gain a Job that I listed gave you a clearer picture why employers or companies are double-thinking about your applications. Now, after reading this I am challenging you to prove them wrong. Not in a negative way but prove them through your actions. Make sure that during the interview you can convince them that what I stated above is not applicable to you and you are different from the millennials that most people know. 

Good luck on your job hunting! Share your thoughts below. I want to hear from you guys!

A break from being Unemployed

"Bes, sana hindi umulan mamaya."
"Oo nga bes, ang hirap na namang umuwi."
"Sinabi mo pa! Pagod ka na nga sa pag o-OT, pagod ka pa din sa byahe pauwi..."

Working nowadays is really a struggle. There's traffic, pollution, work issues plus the weather. But what's more difficult is being UNEMPLOYED. Yes! I emphasized that a bit because I am one. I really envy those who are working out their minds to submit reports and outcomes to their bosses. I missed those days. Huhu!

I am currently on my second month of being unemployed. Consuming my time surfing the net and scrolling over IG and Fb feeds. Yeah, I know. I am doing nonsense things the past 2 months. But this is what I asked for when I was one of the workforce. I worked 12-15 hours a day. Tiring myself out to live up to the expectations of my boss and what is expected of me based on my JD. I was so stressed out that I have pushed myself to the limits to the point that my health suffered. So I wished that I could spend more time at home doing nothing. And here I am. 

Getting bored each day because I could not do anything (except the fact that I am of course limited because I am sick and need to recover). 

I think you can definitely label me as a "tambay," someone who does nonsense things and loiters around. Am I correct? OMG! Baka mahuli din ako... 

So, I got worried and tried my best to make my free time worthy. 

I know how hard it is to be unemployed. I know you have done your part: help in the household chores, look for a job, attend interviews but so far none of them worked out? Mag-review ka na lang muna tlaga bes. 

Or join me, instead of stressing your self out! I searched the net about time worthy activities that I should be focusing my self. I've read articles and blogs and watched YouTube videos. What caught my interest is to focus on SELF-CARE.

Yes! Self-care. The part I have neglected for the past 3 years since I dedicated most of my time to work. According to Wikipedia, self-care is defined as:

any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated.
Moreover, PsychCentral stated that self-care is:

any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although it’s a simple concept in theory, it’s something we very often overlook. Good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. It’s also key to a good relationship with oneself and others. 
And just as after I read some articles on self-care here, I realized I neglected my self too. So, it's time! Since I am not that busy and most of the time I am not working on any project I might as well focus on taking care of my self. I did more readings until I stumbled upon this YouTube channel. 

It is owned by Lavendaire, she published several videos about self-care. After watching some of her videos I was so inspired and I thought I might focus on the things she said. Her videos are so relaxing and they have calming effect. Her topics goes around self love topics, positive habits, inspirations, journaling to ways on changing your life for the better. 

So if you are stressed out about being unemployed, about not earning a job, about not getting any motivation to continue your review or you seemed to be loosing interest on just about anything, give her channel a try. Watch her videos. Who knows this will be a good break from being unemployed. Maximize your time at home by doing self-care tips and routines.

PS. Found the motivation to change a few things here on my blog after watching her clips. Finally I have changed my template and removed unnecessary items on my sidebar. Hope to hear from you guys!

Philippine Mental Health Law

Finally the wait is over! Pres. Duterte already signed the Mental Health Law. And as per Senator Hontiveros "#HelpIsHere" 
Because of this law I am certainly hoping that giving mental health care would be a priority of the government. There are a lot of Filipinos out there suffering from different mental health disorders and yet the government made little efforts to help them. To know more about this just click on the image of Senator Hontiveros' Facebook Post above or read the whole Republic Act 11036 below. 

Please read carefully and share the word to fellow Mental Health advocates!


From HR Assistant to HR Manager

Hey readers! How are you?

Is it the 4th batch of Psychometrician and Psychologist Licensure Exam the next few months? I'm sorry if I disappointed most of you. It's just that I couldn't find time to study and open my books since I entered the Human Resources field. Up until now I haven't taken the licensure exam yet (but still hoping). 

As I've posted last year, I became an HR Assistant under a distribution company based in Bulacan which means stress and over-times, lots of paper works and never ending communication with all employees. As much as I enjoy relating to the employees, helping them with work-related concerns and brainstorming with our manager, I also had the down times.

I tried to resign twice, one to the HR Manager who hired me because I wasn't able to enroll one semester at the graduate school. But I failed. Second, is to the HR Manager who replaced the first one, but disregarded my resignation too, telling me that resignation is not always the answer.

I held on to the position for 15 months. Pressure is actually my problem especially with recruitment. I find myself ineffective in providing manpower for our branch that I kept thinking of resigning. But my officemates made me strong (not all of them, of course). We've been together for over a year so I was used to their company and support. So those employees, who followed me and made me feel effective became my inspiration. I think I had develop this sense of responsibility to help and assist them as an HR.

Then, the time came when all the HR assistants I worked with, resigned from their post. The time I felt so alone. But I had to continue. After a few months, I became used to the new batch of HR Assistants, but the new HR Manager unexpectedly decided to left his post.

HR Managers are like parents to his/her assistants, like all superior-subordinate relationships. Managers guided us and protect us. So when our HR Manager suddenly resigned we all felt so weak and vulnerable. Everything in the HR Department seems to be in chaos. I had to transfer to the Head office too.

And since I was one of the 1st batch of HR that was left, I was tasked to take charge of the department. The other HR was assigned to Zambales which is far from the head office so I had no choice.

Actually, I had the choice to resign too. But I thought about the new batch of HRs, they would be left alone with the tasks that they were not yet used to. And so all the employees who are dependent to the HR department.

So in short, I accepted the task of being the Head of the Human Resource Department.

I started out as the HR Manager last June 2016 and tried my very best to guide the 4 HR Assistants working with me and to cater all the instructions passed on to me by my boss. But being trained on a different branch made it hard for me to learn the operation of all companies that we have at the Head Office. 

Pressure coming from the boss really got into me, that I could not think clearly. Honestly, my over-thinking personality got even worst. It made me indecisive and afraid. So, I asked my boss if he can transfer me instead to another division or task.

Luckily, he agreed and I was free of the HR Manager's tasks. But that was just a dream. Accepting another task made me more unproductive and doubtful if I could do that tasks our boss is expecting of me. So, the boss labeled me as ineffective (yeah, that was really disappointing).

Actually, that was the start of my dark days at the HR department. 

I lost the confidence to perform better. 

But then after 4 months, my boss assigned me again as the HR Manager. Telling me that I have what I need to qualify as a Manager, I just need to be more firm and brave to decide on things.

So here I am. Hoping that I will be effective for this post for the second chance given to me.

For my readers who are loosing the motivation and confidence to do the tasks assigned to them let us give it another shot! 

Here's a few quotes to inspire you!

I hope we will be motivated this coming week to push even harder and prove that we are worthy!

If you have HR experiences please share it on the comments below!

Happy Sunday!


Change The Way I See Friendship

Hey guys! I've been out of the blogging world for a long time. I missed so many things going on through the blogging world. Lucky, I had time to open my personal email tonight and had this urge to share what happened lately.

The past 15 months I was preoccupied with my job as an HR Assistant and just two months ago I was chosen to be the HR Manager of our Head Office. Good thing as you may thought but not for me. As the saying goes "with great power comes great responsibility," so, I was really reluctant to accept the position. I'm a self-confessed over-thinker and I am not yet fully developed to handle such position.

I was about to give up then but with the help of my new found friends I was able to take on the responsibility.

I never thought that with just a short period of time we would be able to built a friendship that could conquer the rants of our boss, the complaints of employees and the compenben issues we faced right now (of course not only about work).

Since I became the head of our Human resource department, I became acquainted with the two HR Assistants assigned to the main office. They were my counterparts since I was previously assigned as an HR Assistant on our Bulacan branch. Then, I hired two new assistants to help us.

So, I had 4 assistants to work with me. Anna, the fighter in the group was the first one I got close with because we worked together in recruitment. Deah, the jolly girl in the group had the same vision as mine for our department. Came JV, the vocal one, energetic and sociable and Reina, the mature one we can depend on.

These 4 girls who wants to change the way our employees see the HR department made me #changethewayIsee friendship. Why? Because, I never thought we can be comfortable and attuned to one another in just a short period of time. We've been together for exactly 2 months today.

We have different personalities but we can jive to just about anything. May it be about work, people-watching, food and boys. We came from different lifestyles and from different ages but we couldn't see any barriers. It's as if we've been together for years - known each other for a long time. I help them, they help me. We exchanged thoughts and ideas, shared stories and worked together as a team.

As an HR, I have to be dedicated with my work and spending more than 12 hours a day at the office prevented me from seeing my old friends. But these girls made me feel like home, I'm not comparing them with my old set of friends, but life is about making contact - building relationships. And right now, they have grown to be part of me. A piece of motivation for me to work harder, change for the better and lead them to be better individuals.

I am very thankful for them. We have different strengths and weaknesses but we can mix them up and be stronger. I hope the friendship we started to build will be stronger. Because they are the people who made me laugh a little louder, smile a little wider and live life a lot better. Friendship is not about time, not about age, not about physical and material things, it about how you made one another a better individuals.

We can do this together!

PS. Sorry this is not a reviewer post. Haven't pursued my review yet. Couldn't find time honestly. 


Being an HR Staff is not so easy

Hey readers!

Its been awhile, more than 5 months since my last post. I missed my blogs so much and so are you.

I know most of you hated me now for promising a free reviewer and not receiving any reply on your queries about the licensure exam.

So, before anything else I'd like to apologize for not being able to send you copies of my reviewer and not answering your comments and emails. I really am sorry for keeping you wait for nothing. I know what you think of me now, a blogger who doesn't keep her promises. I'm sorry. I haven't put up with what my blog is for. I had a very busy career the past few months and so blogging went down to the bottom of my priorities. I hope you guys understand.

This post is just an update about my busy life nowadays. I know you're not interested with any of these but I thought it's worth sharing.

What happened lately?

March 2015 I was hired as an HR Assistant, responsible for recruitment. Actually, I am a generalist in a sense that I am handling all employee concerns, from compensations and benefits to records and timekeeping to recruitment. I was under a distribution company, assigned as the sole HR officer on one its branch in Bulacan supervising and assisting more than 70 employees.

Being an HR staff for more than 6 months now made me realize how hard it was to handle and assist different types of people. Let me share these:

The Negative side of being a Human Resource Staff

1. An HR should be firm and strict - As a Clinical Psychology graduate, it was my nature to be open-minded and understanding, so, I had a hard time being strict. An HR officer should be strict in order to ensure that every employee is following the company policies, but it's hard to be strict if you understood the difficult life an employee is going through. Sometimes, it is really against my will to give disciplinary actions to small mistakes committed by employees but an HR should be abiding with the rules, a mistake is a mistake that is punishable by disciplinary actions.

2. Employees saw you as the company's pet - As an HR officer people inside the company often talk behind your back, that you are the boss's pet. That couldn't be avoided. My manager always reminded me that at work there is always politics. You cannot please everyone so people will give negative comments about you. I don't mind them, but being labeled as the pet of the company is really heartbreaking especially if you're the type of HR who ensures equality between the superiors and the employees. HR officers should be fair with the employees and at the same time think about the good of the company.

3. HR officers would not be able to make real friends inside the company premises - HR officers should put a barrier from the other employees. We could make friends and bond with our co-workers but it would be very difficult to give disciplinary actions with someone you're very close with right? So, I always need to put up this space between me and my co-employees (which is kinda sad especially if you're the only HR in the company, it seemed that you don't have someone to talk to).

4. Keep your mouth shut - HR officers always meet with the bosses. So, what was discussed inside the conference room should be kept within yourself. Whether it's a good news (you would be itching to share) or a bad news (you couldn't take) you have to zip your lips.

5. It is very hard to assist or cater all the needs of each employee - I have been an HR for a few months only  but I already found it very hard to answer all the concerns of the 78 people I am working with in the office. So, I realized I have to look-up to those Human Resource Officers who had been in this career for so long. Scenarios wherein your boss made a new policy and the employees wouldn't agree is the most stressing problem you'll have. You have to explain the side of the boss to the employees and at the same time make the boss understand the state of the employees-that is really hard to do.

6. Recruiting and keeping employees for a long time is the most challenging part - For an HR-recruitment officer the hardest part is looking for applicants and be able to keep them within the company for a long time. In my case, I was assigned in a rural area wherein most college grad left for Manila, and what was left was the undergraduates whose priority is to look for work instead of finishing school is challenging for recruitment of qualified applicants. So, most of the time we hired people who are not qualified but willing to be trained (which could be negative since they would be working in our company only for trial). But the willingness to be trained is a positive sign, sometimes they stay longer too than those who already gained necessary experiences for the job. Another challenge, is the word of mouth being passed from person to person about the background of your company. This word of mouth is very powerful that it can brainwash people. But as an HR officer you should be very determined and patient. People come and go, if someone resigned, for sure there would be a new one to replace the post.

Perks of being an HR Officer

1. You can act like a boss - yeah, you can definitely act like a boss if you are an HR officer, employees look up to you so, you should also be a role model to them.

2. People will treat you positively (most of the time) - may it be a pretend or not you'll notice that when employees saw you walking on the isle they'll smile and nod at you like you're all in good terms.

3. You control your job and the job of other employees - you can do anything you want since you 're the one whose checking the jobs of other employees and your boss wouldn't dare to check up your work for the day. Cool? haha! Most of the time that's not the case.

4. You decide whose In or Out - you are the one who can judge the applicants whether they pass or fail. Which is also a negative thing right?

5. You get to meet different companies during Job Fairs - aside from getting applicants and loads of resumes during job fairs you'll also get to meet different companies within the vicinity and make friends with the other HRs. Aside from, going out on the field you'll also get loads of freebies, hehe!

Those are my realizations having entered the industrial field as Human Resource Staff. Being an HR staff is really stressing but by just being able to answer a question from a naughty employee, or being able to update each employees 201 file on time, or by hiring an applicant for a post that's vacant for a month is really rewarding. You get the learn different things from the company to the different recruitment techniques to meeting and earning contacts from municipalities and other firms is what kept me on the job for 7 months now. Plus, as an HR you'll never be stocked with just on job, you'll be having a very dynamic experience.

That was only based on my experience and I'm not sure if other HR officers saw it the way I saw my job. Let me know please. Leave a comment below.


Psychometrician and Psychologist Board Exam will be on July 2015

Hi guys! I have received a lot of queries about the schedule of the Board and Licensure Exam for Psychologists and Psychometricians lately. So, to answer your questions here's a short update.


The Examination for Psychologists will be held on July 23 and 24, 2015.
Deadline for submission of requirements will be on July 3, 2015.
The Exam will only be held in Manila.

Subjects covered would be the following:
a. Advanced Theories of Personality
b. Advanced Abnormal Psychology
c. Advanced Psychological Assessment
d. Psychological Counseling Psychotherapy

The Examination for Psychometricians will be held on July 21 and 22, 2015
Deadline for filing requirements will be on July 1, 2015
The Exam will be held on Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Davao and Legaspi.

Subjects covered:
a. Theories of Personality
b. Abnormal Psychology
c. Psychological Assessment
d. Industrial Psychology

I got the following information from PRC and unless changed by the Board of Psychology will be the official update for the board exam this 2015. If you have questions regarding the requirements, schedule and other concerns call the following numbers (PRC):

      (632) 7362252 - Application for Examination
      (632) 3100026 - General Inquiries
      (632) 3102020 - Board Exam Rating
      (632) 3101027 - Initial Registration

      (632) 7351533 - Application for Registration & Licensing without Examination