Preparing for The Review

Hi guys! It seems that there's a growing number of Psychology graduates who are now doing their researches for the upcoming board exam.

I'm happy that Psych graduates showed interest with this event. An event that could change everyone's view of Psychology here in our country. Well, good luck to all of us.

At the present, I'm still organizing my review materials. FYI, I haven't enrolled in a review center yet. I'm planning though, but if that didn't work out I have to do my best to study on my own. By the way, self-reviewing is a lot cheaper and convenient.

If you need tips on reviewing you can check these blogs:


I have a big box here where I put all those photocopies, lectures and researches of mine that would be useful at this time. I have to go through them and check what's missing before starting my review. So, if you're like me, you can take out all those papers, scan through them and who knows you have all the useful review materials that could cover the whole exam.

As for me, I don't have any resources for Industrial Psychology. So, I'm planning to do a web research and at the same time look for a useful book.

On my next post, I would list the reference books I'd be using for the review. If you're a Psych graduate too, why don't you share your reference books here? It be nice to help one another find the right psych book right?

I hope I shared something useful today.


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