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Hi everyone!

I have finished searching for my reference books and I found my useful photocopies as well. But please bare with me because I have lost some of the book titles and authors of my reference materials. I still want to include them though because they seem to be important too but I 'm afraid of the copyright issue. So, to be safe I will only use terms from complete sources. 

As a guide throughout the review, I'll be using these reference books I have:

General Psychology
4th Edition
Kahayon & Aquino

Theories of Personality
Hall, Lindzey & Campbell

Abnormal Psychology
12th Edition
Butcher, Mineka & Hooley

I like this book by Buthcher, Mineka and Hooley because aside from the good content they provided a useful glossary at the back as well.

Pocket Handbook of Clinical Psychiatry
Kaplan & Saddock

This Pocket Handbook is a must-have too since we have to familiarize ourselves with DSM IV-TR. The handbook contains a copy of DSM IV-TR at the back and lots of important details about each disorders. The contents though are in a summarized  outline form.

You can use other books of course, the more books you have the more knowledge to gain. These are some of the books we had during my college days. If you have your own book then use them.

The Sad News :(

As you can see, I don't have any reference for Personality Assessment and Industrial Psychology. That's because our school doesn't include the subject Industrial Psychology on our curriculum. Unluckily, R.A. 10029 states that Industrial Psychology is a MUST subject.

"Holds at least a bachelor's degree in psychology conferred by a university, college or school inthe Philippines or abroad  recognized/accredited by the CHED, and has obtained sufficient credits for the subjects covered in the examination"

These are the SUBJECTS included in the examination. 

That's why I'm really disappointed at the moment. I really wanted to take the licensure exam this year but it seems that the odds are not cooperating. So, for now I'll wait for further announcement and pray that Developmental Psychology would be included instead of Industrial Psychology. If things went bad, I mean, if I can't take the exam this year I'll still be making the reviewer this year. The positive side is that I have ample time to review with no pressure.

PS. I found this inspiring video from ChannelN: Brain and Behavior Videos. Watch it!

UPDATE: (6/18/14)

Hi! I just want to make a short update about my reference books, I found new and reliable ones HERE. And about my deficiency subject, I already completed that subject through my masteral program so, now, I can really qualify to take the Psychometrician Licensure Exam.  Good luck to our review!

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  1. Yes, it's sort of unfair. What if you haven't taken Industrial Psych? They should have included a more generic psych course i.e developmental psych instead.

  2. Hi Ars! Yeah, I'm really hoping that they'll change the subjects included. What school are you from?

  3. I'm from La Salle-Taft. Kindly update us if there's any pronouncement regarding this issue. :)

  4. Hi Ars! your lucky you have plenty of time to review. What review center would you like to recommend to me? and what review center are you going to enroll?


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