Reviewer Part 3 Out

Hi guys! I wanted to thank all of you who requested a copy of my reviewer. I should be thankful because I didn't really expect that number of requests for the first part. I'm happy to help you guys. Really. Sorry for those who requested that haven't received the copy yet. I'm really trying my best to send the copy to you asap. Please be patient.

Anyway, I'd like to inform you that I've finished the third part of my Theories of Personality Reviewer which covers Carl Jung's Theory. I would not be posting a preview but I promise to send the copy to those who would request. Just indicate that you want the copy for the second part on the message. That's all! Thanks again.

If you want to have a copy too of the first 2 parts (Intro to Personality and Freud's theory) and the third part (Carl Jung's theory) of my Reviewer just follow my instructions on this link: Reviewer and indicate the part you want to request. For more info about my reviewer check this link!

For questions and suggestions please don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Good day! 


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