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Hey guys! How's you review?

I haven't had the time yet to really get hold of my reviewers because I was busy with work and school. But thankfully after seeing my friends and taking fresh air at the park I had the time to clear my mind and convince my self to choose what's best for me. maybe that's all I needed.

After all the sleepless nights and hours of convincing myself, I finally had the courage to make this big decision. With all the boredom and stress I've been through the past few months it's really difficult to think clearly and focus on my job. and since one of the life quotes that I truly believe says, "if you're not happy with what you're doing right now, stop," and that's what I did. I gave my resignation letter to my employer.

It's really dismaying that I had to give up my work but when I started to feel tired and stressed out, it's like I was dragging my feet to keep on walking even if my body aches and my heart won't go too. So, I had to stop. Maybe it's a way to let me see other things that are more important to me. And in that case, resigning from work would give me ample time to review and concentrate on my graduate studies. Last summer, I took up Advanced Statistics class and this semester I took up Psychological testing and Research. I hope everything goes pretty well.

And for today...

In case you haven't checked the TABLE OF SPECIFICATIONS released by PRC last month here it is.

This would help us a lot on which part to focus more. So, for psychometricians that would be 450 questions to prepare for. Good luck to all of us! Have a great day ahead!

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  1. Hi!!

    I am just wondering if this is still the T.O.S. that will be used for the upcoming board exam this July? Thankss :)

  2. Hello Miss Layne :-)

    Thanks for posting the TOS in your blog. I've been looking for that in the PRC website.

    May I know where in the PRC website it is posted.


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