Last part of my Theories of Personality Reviewer

Hi guys! Thanks to those who gave me some comments I really appreciated that. If you have any thoughts with the previous parts of my Reviewer please leave me a note HERE.

These are the topics to be covered on the last part of my Reviewer:

  • Erik Erikson's
  • Karen Horney's
  • Erich Fromm's
  • Albert Bandura's
  • Gordon Allport's
  • Abraham Maslow's
  • Carl Roger's
  • George Kelly's
  • B.F. Skinner's
I know it's not complete but these are the prominent theorists that I would be including on my Reviewer. If you need resources for other theories just leave me some comment and I'll give you useful  sites. 

For those who didn't know, I'm still giving away copies of my Reviewer from Part 1 to Part 4. The topics previously covered are:
  1. Intro to Personality
  2. Psychodynamic Perspective: Sigmund Freud
  3. Analytical Psychology: Carl Jung
  4. Individual Psychology: Alfred Adler
If you wanted a copy just read the instruction HERE and some guidelines HERE.

PART 5 of my THEORIES OF PERSONALITY REVIEWER will be shared on the 31st of August. Thanks!

Good luck to our review!



  1. Hello ms. Layne can I have a copy of this reviewer? Thank you! mariaglendabonita.ph@gmail.com

  2. Ms layne, may you send me a complete copy of your reviewer please? Thank you so much. My email is bosquefrances@gmail.com 😁 Pls save a soul :( thank u


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