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  1. Hi Miss Layne! Firstly, I wanted to thank you for your reviewer, I got the part one-two file. I was able to read it particularly giving attention to Freud's part. It was very much in line with our class discussion weeks ago! I believe you still have succeeding parts or continuation of that because defense mechanism and psychoanalysis as a therapy were not tackled.

    In line with your concern. I don't know if you also made a synthesis for the theories after Psychoanalysis. It might be better before proceeding on a reviewer for Abnormal Psych, however, it's your choice to do so. Baka kasi mas in line ka interested ka with the clinical terms.

    Also, maybe the content may improve if you divided the theories by their school of thought. Say for example, Psychodynamic Approach: Psychoanalysis(Freud), Analytical Psych(Jung), Individual Psych(Adler)... Humanistic Approach: Person-centered(Rogers)... etc etc..

    Halaaa nobela na comment ko! Hehe. Hope you do get my opinion. Again, thanks and more power to you! :)

    1. Comment appreciated <3

      I divided my Theories of Personality Reviewer according to the division that you want.It's just that I only uploaded and shared my reviewer up to Part4-Adler's Individual psychology. Don't worry on the last part of my Reviewer which would be out on the last week of August I'll include all important persons like Erikson, Horney, Fromm, Bandura, Maslow and others.

      About the Abnormal Psychology Reviewer, that was actually my plan A: to make a reviewer only for Abnormal Psych. Kaya lang I thought it's much better if I made a reviewer first for Theories to refresh our minds di ba? And that's what happened..
      However, I'm really busy right now and I can't decide if I'd make a reviewer pa for Ab psych or just finish Theories. So, I was asking for your suggestions. Thanks for this anyway!!!!

      Goodluck to your review!!


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