Complete Version of my TOP Reviewer is still on!

9:13 PM

Hi guys! I just want to apologize to those who had sent their reviewer requests through my contact form. I still haven't sent you copies of my reviewer because it was really hell week at the clinic. But I promise to send you one. As a matter of fact, I tried my best to format my Theories of Personality reviewer and combine all the parts into one file so it would be easier for me to give out copies.

And now, I want to inform you all readers that my Theories of Personality Reviewer would now be given as a COMPLETE copy unlike before, in which I send it part by part. It's only now that I realized it was kind of tiresome to read and use divided reviewers. So, to make it easier for all of us I combined all the parts into a single document.

If you have received a copy of my previous format (5-part TOP Reviewer), don't worry you don't have to request a new one because they're the same. So for those who want to request a copy please follow the same steps HERE.

And to remind you guys, my TOP reviewer is not an official Psychometrician/Psychologist Licensure Exam Reviewer. I just made it out of my references and it is on an Outline form. I do not own all psychological concepts and information, I got them all from my references which were cited on my reviewer.

If you have queries pls do not hesitate to leave a comment below. I'd love to help you out. Good luck to the exams and study hard.


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