Attended the Psychology Licensure Exam Orientation

I just attended the Orientation for the Psychology Licensure Exam conducted by PAP this morning, in fact, I just got home. The Orientation ended at 12:00nn and I'm very excited to share what was discussed this morning.

As expected, everyone had their own queries about the board exam because as what the Board Member said "this is a historical event [since this would be the 1st time]." So, after each discussion our questions had been answered. 

What was discussed:

Dr. Imelda Villar, Board member of the Professional Regulatory Board of Psychology started the discussion with the Rationale. She said that the board exam would be an Outcomes-Based Examination in which the application and the outcome of what we have studied in Psychology would be the focus of the examination. She also informed us about the Mutual Regulation Agreement, the Philippine Qualification Framework and the ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework.

She also enumerated the different Qualification Descriptors for Baccalaureate degree holders in Psychology and for the Post-Baccalaureate degree holders as well. After that, Dr. Villar explained the Table of Specifications which you can check out (HERE) and The New Taxonomy of Cognitive Processes which would be the basis for the licensure exam questions. 

Then, Dr. Miriam Cue, another Board member of the Professional Regulatory Board of Psychology tackled the Core Competencies that each Licensed Psychometrician and Psychologist should have. She emphasized that being Licensed professionals, Psychologists and Psychometricians should have the basic knowledge and the specialized knowledge of psychological concepts, methods, theories and practice. She also stated the appropriate Professional Behavior and Professional Activities of Psychometricians and Psychologists. 

Psychometrician and Psychologist Licensure Exam FAQs

  • How long would it take to complete the board exam?
    • It would be 2 hours per subject, so that would be 4 hours, 2 subjects per day.
  • What type of test would be used?
    • As with other licensure exams it would be in Multiple Choice format.
  • For Psychometricians: Abnormal Psychology, what would be our references? Is it DSM IV-TR or DSM V?
    • For both, it is recommended to study DSM IV-TR and  DSM V.
  • Would we use ICD 10?
    • only chapter 5(Mental Disorders) of ICD 10.
  • What is the passing rate?
    • refer to the IRR (Check it HERE). You should get a total of 75% or above for all subjects with at least 60% rate for each subject.
  • How many times can we re-take the board exam in case we fail?
    • as of now, the law stated no limitation on how many times you can re-take the test
  • Where would the board exam take place?
    • The exam would only be held here in Manila this year. 
  • Is the application for examination now open?
    • Online Application at PRC's website is now open (Check the post about the Online Application HERE). 
  • Is it better if we enroll on review centers?
    • PRB of Psychology Board Members said "We are not encouraging review centers, it's better if you review with your school."

That's all the important questions that I noted. And to close the program, they said that the test focused on applications as what the Table of Specifications stated. With regards to the application process, we haven't had the time to discuss it. They only said that it is better to apply online. The earlier the better because once you apply online you'll have to submit your documents personally then PRC would assess your requirements and if all documents are good that's the time you'll get your permit to take the board exam. It's a long process. So, while reviewing for the test we should also be organizing and completing our requirements. 

And that's what we had this morning. If you have queries just post it below and I'll do my best to answer them. Have a great day ahead!



  1. Hi! Heard frm a friend that we need to have 6 units in psychological testing (undergrad) for us to be able to register for the psychometrician board exam, how true is this? If this is true, does that mean we are no longer allowed to take the test since we only earned 3 units in psych assessment when we were still in college? Sad...

    1. Hi Janus! I've heard about it too...in my case we have 6 units on Psychometrics which is the equivalent subject for psychological assessment. Psychomet I and Psychomet II..don't have that subject? that would be enough for psych assessment..


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