Update on my Self-review

Readers sorry for not updating recently. I've got loads of school works to do and got no time to continue my review. This is just a short update on what's going on with my review.

First, I have to stop giving out copies of my Theories of Personality Reviewer so that I'd be able to edit and improve its contents. Currently, I have to set the editing aside because I spend lots of time on my research works. I received numerous requests but I'm really sorry I don't want to give out copies if I'm not confident enough that my reviewer would really help you. Hopefully, by the last week of March it would be done.

Secondly, I am planning to share useful PowerPoint presentations to you about several topics on the four board exam subjects. As a trial, I am posting today about Paranoid PD.

Lastly, I am halfway through my review on Industrial Psychology and would be happy to share it to you too. But unlike my previous reviewer on Theories of Personality it would be a pdf file to keep the copyright safe. I would also be posting that reviewer this March so watch out for it.

Thanks for reading the blog.


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