From HR Assistant to HR Manager

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Hey readers! How are you?

Is it the 4th batch of Psychometrician and Psychologist Licensure Exam the next few months? I'm sorry if I disappointed most of you. It's just that I couldn't find time to study and open my books since I entered the Human Resources field. Up until now I haven't taken the licensure exam yet (but still hoping). 

As I've posted last year, I became an HR Assistant under a distribution company based in Bulacan which means stress and over-times, lots of paper works and never ending communication with all employees. As much as I enjoy relating to the employees, helping them with work-related concerns and brainstorming with our manager, I also had the down times.

I tried to resign twice, one to the HR Manager who hired me because I wasn't able to enroll one semester at the graduate school. But I failed. Second, is to the HR Manager who replaced the first one, but disregarded my resignation too, telling me that resignation is not always the answer.

I held on to the position for 15 months. Pressure is actually my problem especially with recruitment. I find myself ineffective in providing manpower for our branch that I kept thinking of resigning. But my officemates made me strong (not all of them, of course). We've been together for over a year so I was used to their company and support. So those employees, who followed me and made me feel effective became my inspiration. I think I had develop this sense of responsibility to help and assist them as an HR.

Then, the time came when all the HR assistants I worked with, resigned from their post. The time I felt so alone. But I had to continue. After a few months, I became used to the new batch of HR Assistants, but the new HR Manager unexpectedly decided to left his post.

HR Managers are like parents to his/her assistants, like all superior-subordinate relationships. Managers guided us and protect us. So when our HR Manager suddenly resigned we all felt so weak and vulnerable. Everything in the HR Department seems to be in chaos. I had to transfer to the Head office too.

And since I was one of the 1st batch of HR that was left, I was tasked to take charge of the department. The other HR was assigned to Zambales which is far from the head office so I had no choice.

Actually, I had the choice to resign too. But I thought about the new batch of HRs, they would be left alone with the tasks that they were not yet used to. And so all the employees who are dependent to the HR department.

So in short, I accepted the task of being in-charged of the Human Resource Department.

I started out as the HR Officer (Acting-HR Manager) last June 2016 and tried my very best to guide the 4 HR Assistants working with me and to cater all the instructions passed on to me by my boss. But being trained on a different branch made it hard for me to learn the operation of all companies that we have at the Head Office. 

Pressure coming from the boss really got into me, that I could not think clearly. Honestly, my over-thinking personality got even worst. It made me indecisive and afraid. So, I asked my boss if he can transfer me instead to another division or task.

Luckily, he agreed and I was free of the HR Manager's tasks. But that was just a dream. Accepting another task made me more unproductive and doubtful if I could do that tasks our boss is expecting of me. So, the boss labeled me as ineffective (yeah, that was really disappointing).

Actually, that was the start of my dark days at the HR department. 

I lost the confidence to perform better. 

But then after 4 months, my boss assigned me again to lead the HR department. Telling me that I have what I need to qualify as a Manager, I just need to be more firm and brave to decide on things.

So here I am. Hoping that I will be effective for this post for the second chance given to me.

For my readers who are loosing the motivation and confidence to do the tasks assigned to them let us give it another shot! 

Here's a few quotes to inspire you!

I hope we will be motivated this coming week to push even harder and prove that we are worthy!

If you have HR experiences please share it on the comments below!

Happy Sunday!

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