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Finally! There is a legit psychological service provider that is arising here in our town - Valenzuela. It is not yet long since the Philippine Mental Health Law was passed but we, Valenzuelanos are lucky that there are mental health professionals coming to help and serve our mental health needs. 

I just attended the house warming of Psyche Solution Psychological Services at their newest branch in #25 San Felipe St. Karuhatan, Valenzuela City last August 19, 2018. I had a good time chit chatting with Ms. Hazelyn Gabuat, MP, RPm, a few of the psychology student guests and the Resident Psychologist, Mr. Siegfred Gamueda, RPsy. 

{The information/consultation desk}

Psyche Solution Psychological Services (PSPS) is a company of licensed Psychologists, Guidance Counselors and Psychometricians devoted on providing psychological services to Filipinos with the aim to respond on the diverse needs of individuals from psychological testing, guidance and counseling and training and development. 

{The Counseling Room, source: PSPS FB page}

"Nakita ko kasi 'yung need dito...kaya dito kami nag-branch out," Ms. Hazelyn answered when she was asked why they put up their clinic in Valenzuela. She said that they saw the lack of mental health care services available for people not only in Valenzuela but also on neighboring towns like Caloocan, Malabon and Navotas. And since she had relatives living in Valenzuela, "bakit hindi dito," she added. 

Ms. Hazelyn, the Registered Psychometrician, is a young professional who wants to practice and reach out to Filipinos by giving appropriate psychological services. She shared that she did not immediately passed the Board and Licensure Exam for Psychometricians on her first try. It took her 3 trials before she finally got her license and be labeled as a Registered Psychometrician. "Huwag kang matatakot sa failures kasi it will teach you a lot," she added. For her, her failures are not something to be ashamed of,  instead something to be proud of. During those down times, she bear in mind, "siguro hindi ko pa panahon ngaun.. eh di bukas uli." Her message to aspiring psychometricians: just keep on trying. 

PSPS-Valenzuela provides the following psychological services:

{source: PSPS FB page}

They also offer seminars in Counseling and Gestalt Therapy training and they work in partnership with Kalinga sa Pag-asa - KASAPI. I am honestly looking forward on attending one of their seminars because Gestalt Therapy interests me too. "Gestalt perspective has a wider scope than you know," Mr. Sig mentioned when asked of examples of psychological disorders in which Gestalt Therapy is applicable. He said that we should not limit Gestalt Therapy to a certain number of disorders. Instead of limiting it, we have to see the greater picture, because Gestalt as a perspective is applicable to all. 

{source: PSPS FB page}

{source: PSPS FB page}

{source: PSPS FB page}

{source: PSPS FB page}

Currently, they are also looking for on-the-job trainees and volunteers for their upcoming activities and outreach programs. 

How to contact Psyche Solution Psychological Services - Valenzuela?

"Simple lang...kapag kailangan nilang mag-konsulta pwedeng magtext or mag-call muna sila sa amin. From there we will set up a meeting and we'll see kung ano ang maitutulong namin," Sir Sig added on how they can be contacted.

So, if you feel the need for psychological advice or you know someone who might be suffering from mental health issues and problems you know where to seek professional help. Now, is not the time to be ashamed of seeking help from mental health practitioners. Because of the Philippine Mental Health Law we are expecting more freedom and a wider understanding of different psychological matters. Together with PSPS-Valenzuela we want to increase awareness that mental health services is within our reach. 

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