The 99 Things I Loved Most in the World

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As my 27th year in the world about to end - and hopefully continue to my 28th year and beyond, I'd like to share to you guys the things that I loved the most. This is a great time to reflect and be grateful for all the things and experiences that I had for the past 2.7 decades. This is a self-discovery activity that you should try too. 

I actually had a first self-discovery post a few years ago, if you want to know me more and want to do this activity too click this link!

T H E  9 9  T H I N G S  I  L O V E  T H E  M O S T :

1. Of course, my mom and dad - without them I won't be here.

2. My siblings - the only enemies I can't live without.

3. The traditional family that I have.

4. Beauty, our old aspin dog.

5. Ma Chang, our indifferent cat who loves to bask under the sun.

6. The house where I grew up.

7. The books I bought - my companion on quiet times.

8. My college degree and the university which opened my eye to the real world.

9. The friends I made at work.

10. My friends in college who made my college years unforgettable.

11. Batangas and Iloilo - the wonderful places my parents grew up.

12. Watercolor painting.

13. DIY crafts.

14. Home decorating videos - because I could not decorate our house.

15. Anything that is in the shade of gray, maroon or dark blue.

16. Ice cream because it always saves the day.

17. Spider man and Harry Potter.

18. Nicholas Sparks, Stephanie Perkins, Rainbow Rowell, Jonathan Kellerman, Paulo Coelho, Sydney Sheldon and their stories. 

19. Italian food because they are always tasty and savory. 

20. Netflix for always bringing in good movies.

21. Criminal Minds and the whole cast.

22. A tall glass of Iced Coffee, cappuccino or a small cup of espresso.

23. A long shower.

24. Sleeping on freshly washed bedding.

25. Dyed hair.

26. All dim-sum.

27. Strawberry and Cheese Rock salt shake.

28. The smell of old book pages.

29. Potato chips with mayo dip.

30. Landscape or nature photography.

31. Watching travel vlogs and cinematic videography.

32. Succulents, if only I can take care of them correctly.

33. Planting and farming - I'd love to have my own plantation someday.

34. Ripe apples.

35. Having a body scrub and exfoliator. 

36. Curly, messy hair. 

37. Fresh air when you travel outside the city. 

38. City view at night.

39. Light photography using old digicam.

40. Black and white photographs.

41. Digital comic books - I find digital drawings amazing!

42. Tumblr and Pinterest for being an inspirational source. 

43. The plants that we have on our front porch.

44. Rainbows.

45. Watching the night sky full of stars.

46. Cleaning - because I want to be an OC gal.

47. The smell of marshmallows lotion. 

48. Street foods at Sta. Mesa, Manila.

49. Food parks.

50. The peace and calmness inside museums.

51. Watching a ballet concert.

52. Walking around while the sun is rising. 

53. Biking around the neighborhood.

54. Romance and Thriller movies.

55. The fairy tales I grew up with.

56. A comfy, glittery shoes.

57. Being the eldest child because I get to boss around my sibs when our parents are not around, haha!

58. Being a leader.

59. Reading psychology books and psychological fictions.

60. A cup of hot chocolate on a cold morning. 

61. The experiences I have at work. 

62. The leisure time that I have right now while looking for a new job. 

63. When you got scared because of a suspense/horror movie.

64. Laughing out loud because of silly jokes.

65. Getting together with friends you haven't seen for a long time. 

66. New planner - because I love to plan things out. 

67. Philippines. 

68. Reading inside a library.

69. My desktop and the internet connection - though it's so slow. 

70. The smile on an infants face while sleeping. 

71. Meditating even for just five minutes. 

72. Organized house systems. 

73. Taking a picture of the clear blue sky. 

74. Puffy, cuddly, cold pillows. 

75. Sour cream french fries and cheese sticks. 

76. Tortillas.

77. Korean rom-com movies. 

78. Cute high school animes.

79. London, Japan, Iceland, Netherlands and Denmark - I love them even if I haven't been there because of the character of these places. 

80. Cute, unique sticky pads and colorful pens.

81. People who never fails to say "thank you"

82. When I achieve something and people compliments my work. 

83. Presenting a report to a group of people. 

84. Watching the sunset over the beach. 

85. Listening to the relaxing music of the piano or flute.

86. A smile from a stranger.

87. Polka dots shirts or dresses. 

88. Floral designs. 

89. Looking over all photographs and reminiscing over old memories.

90. Blogging what's inside my mind and having readers like you guys!

91. Lying on bed reading a romance novel. 

92. Learning self-care tips and activities. 

93. Being able to help someone solve a problem.

94. Giving advises or imparting my knowledge. 

95. Learning something new. 

96. Habits building. 

97. Taking a long sleep after a busy day. 

98. Waking up with a delicious breakfast at the table. 

99. Being optimistic and not worrying too much. 

Yeah! That was fun..I hope you could do this activity too. It was like looking deep into yourself and finding out the things that you are grateful for, things that makes you happy and things that you cannot live without. It is also a relaxing activity for me. For a few minutes I was able to think about positive things only and it was really fun. If you need a break from all the things that's been happening around you, have a break and reflect, discover your self. 

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