New Psychology Reference Books

Yeah! I found new Psychology books that are worth reading. Maybe some of you already read this but I thought it's worth posting.

In case you're looking for reliable books on Theories of Personality check this book. Aside from using the book by Hall, Lindzey and Campbell, I found this book very informative.

Theories of Personality by Feist and Feist. The content is really great and explanations are good. So, it's really a must read for Theories.

Then, I also bought this book from NBS, "Difficult Personalities" by McGrath and Edwards which is also a great reference for Abnormal Psychology. It tackles the most common personality disorders and explained them in the most simple and understandable way. I'm really happy I found it, it's a good book.

How about you? Any suggestions for books to read?
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New reference book for Abnormal Psychology: Psychiatry Mentor
See this LINK.

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  1. Hi! Where did you get the hardbound copy of TOP by Feist and Feist? Thanks for your help!


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