Reviewer Frozen!

Hi guys!

I have an announcement to make for those who care.

First of all, I just want to thank all those who requested a copy of my Reviewer. I know I've said that on my previous posts but it was really overwhelming that I have to repeat that again and again. You really made me happy with this. You know that I made this blog to help you guys and I think I somehow fulfilled my blog's objective. Little by little I have gained readership since I started out the topic of the board exam. Honestly,  I was not expecting this drastic change on my blog stats. 

For those who didn't know..I made a four-part reviewer for Theories of Personality which I was giving out to those who wanted a copy. It tackles Personality up to Alfred Adler's theory. It was an outline but I included all details I see as important. 

I was really planning to release a part for each theory but I think that would consume too much time for both of us.  So, I decided to change plans. That's because...

One, I was always lazy these days (I know that's bad but at least I've tried). I got sleepy whenever I try to read my Psychology books, most especially after doing some research on the computer. Jeez, I have to rest my eyes. My laziness came out because up until now PRC haven't scheduled the Psychometrician Licensure Exam. That's what I've been waiting for...WHAT WE'RE ALL WAITING FOR, right? If it was not scheduled yet, there could be a chance that it would not be held this year. Ooohhh, no way! Please. Please do inform us when would the exam take place.

The second reason, I would be taking a special class this semester which made me busy the past few weeks. That would mean no time for blogging. And little time to do my review. 

Please bare with me...

And so I'd like to announce, that my Reviewer for Theories of Personality would be frozen for the meantime. Meaning, I would not upload any reviewer soon. My past reviewers covered the following:

Part Three           Jung's theory

Part Four             Adler's theory

I would still be giving out copies of those parts but I would not make any reviewer until the end of the month. But don't be sad. I'm going to release the last part of my Reviewer on the last week of August.
Which will cover the other theories of personality (I'm going to announce later the topics that would be included). It would be on a PDF format. And only those who requested through my contact form would be get a copy. 

I'm really sorry about that, but I think that would be best for me and also for you. If you have any concerns about the reviewer please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!


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