Reviewing General Psychology with Udacity

How's everyone? How was your review?

I'm sure everyone's excited with the upcoming board exam but unfortunately, until now it was not scheduled yet. Grrr! I hope it would be scheduled soon.

On my last post about the New Way of Learing Psychology, I mentioned about Udacity.com. I enrolled on their Intro to Psychology class and so far, it's all fun. Even though I have learned enough about General Psychology before at school, it was still a nice experience to watch and learn from foreign teachers, especially that Psychology is more often on the Western side.

If you are reviewing at home like me, I would suggest that you also enroll yourself on the MOOC about Psychology. It's all free so no worries.

I started of with Theories of Personality, right? Because I thought that my stock knowledge in General Psychology would be good enough. But it proved me wrong, because while watching the lecture videos, I have to pause and I was like "OMG, I forgot about that" or "Wait, I have to check my notes on that." Good thing I enrolled just in time. Currently, I was on the Fourth Lesson and was hoping to finish all 16 lessons at the end of October which left me a month to review Ab Psych and Personality Assessment which is more on the practical side.

So, if you're reviewing at home, enroll at Udacity.com and start refreshing your General Psychology with their lecture videos and quizzes. You'll have a great time, instead of just reading and highlighting terms on your books, listen and watch their videos. 

Reviewing isn't just about reading your notes and books or answering practice exams, you can also review the fun way while you are browsing the internet. So, I have to go and see my Udacity class. Have a great time!


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