Feeling Down Because I Might Not Make It


How are you guys? Kamusta ang processing ng requirements? 

On my case... I am actually loosing the hope to take the psychometrician licensure exam this coming October. I feel like the the guy above, staring into space, blank affect and thinking of  why I won't be able to take the test this year. Don't ask whose fault it is because I'll give you a face like the guy below (haha! just kidding).

Well, seriously speaking I feel down right now because I am really expecting and was determined to take the licensure exam this year but it seems that the odds are not in my favor. I scheduled everything and even quit my job to review at home then all of a sudden all my plans crashed. I don't want to blame anyone but it's not really my fault alone. I calculated all the days needed to accomplish all the requirements and everything goes according to my plan.

But unexpectedly, the transcript that I requested from my school was not printed on time after their allotted 1 month process. It was delayed for like 10 days and only after it was printed (which was today) that I could process my Certificate of Authentication and Verification for non-issuance of SO Number. It would take my school 15 days or more to process that request (which would be released on Sept. 8 or so). And after that, I have to process my CAV to CHED which will take about a month to process (if no other delays, would be on Oct 8). Counting the days suggests that I may not complete my requirements on-time. OMG! My goals are crashing down on me (exaggerated). But really it was an unlucky, disappointing and dismaying event if I could not make it on the last day of filling. Arrgghhh.

Though, I know I just have to be positive about it. I just have to wish and pray that CHED and PRC would not be as inconsiderate and irresponsible as my school and release needed and paid for papers on-time. It's not just about the delayed release that I feel down about, it's also the fact that my school, being a government office should do their jobs on-time, reasons like "sira po ang printer namin kaya hindi pa ma-release ang transcript mo," should not be tolerated because we paid for it and we needed it as soon as possible. It's like delayed service is not a public service at all, it's like I wasted my money since (if worst things happen) I would not be using it anymore. Can you see my point?

Okay. Calm down. There's still little hope, you know.

Maybe, I just have to expect the unexpected so that I would not be disappointed if the worst thing came (which is when I won't make it to the board exam this year). Maybe, the Lord has better plans for me this year, or it's His way on telling me that I just have to prioritize my thesis writing first, than taking the board exams this year. The brighter side of that worst case scenario is that I am given another year to review everything about psychology and maybe on that allotted time I'd be able to complete my reviewers for all the board exam subjects and share it to you guys! Maybe it's not the right time yet!

So what now?

Don't worry I just wanna share what I've experienced so far, on processing my requirements. Even if I won't make it to the psychometrician board exam this year, I will still be happy to share my reviewer on Theories of Personality. You can still request for it on my Contact Form and follow the instructions HERE! And oh! Don't forget to follow me on Google+ :)

Reminder: The board exam would be an Outcomes-based type of exam so my reviewer is only a guide on the important facts in TOP. It's on an outlined format and concept-based. So, you have to give more time on the applications of those concepts and theories in real life situations. 

How about you? I want to hear your board-exam-requirements-processing experience. Motivate me please! Haha! Share your comments below! Good luck to your review!!

Miss Layne


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