Abnormal Psychology

Updated: April 2014

Note to Readers:

The blogger would not be publishing a reviewer for Abnormal Psychology. This is due to limited time and tight schedule.

Note from the Blogger:

Hey readers! I'm really sorry to disappoint you but I cannot publish a free reviewer for Abnormal Psychology anymore. I made a written reviewer but it's all scattered and full of side notes that it would be hard for me to make a soft copy. I've already shared my reference book for this subject HERE and paired it with DSM V so I would be able to get the latest improvement with the diagnosis of each mental disorder. I think it would be great if you have your own Ab Psych book (which would give you a good background about the disorder) and a copy of DSM IV-TR or DSM V (which would give you the complete diagnostic features and differential diagnosis of each disorder) to be able to review the disorders comprehensively. That way you can make your own notes too and personalized acronyms to remember the features of each mental disorders. Good Luck everyone!

Hey! Here are some of the useful pages I visited:

Abnormal Psychology book preview (pdf)

September 06, 2014

Hey readers! The exams are coming in just a few days so, how was your review? If you are still looking for reference material for Abnormal Psychology especially when it comes to comprehensive discussion of the mental disorders I found a good book. It is entitled: Psychiatry Mentor. It is very informative and includes review questions. More description of the book HERE

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