What Kept Me Busy?

Hey! How's everyone? Christmas was over but the season of sharing and love is not...

So, how was your Christmas? Mine's great! We had this mini family reunion and bonding. Luckily, all went well unlike last year when my dad had hypertension. Thankfully, everyone's fine and I'm enjoying this little time off work.

What kept me busy the past few months?

I had found a job last October and lost the time to blog and give you updates about the licensure exam. However, at work I was given the chance to attend two seminars related to Psychology.

The first one is about the changes referring to the use of 16PF test here in the Philippines. Psychometricians and Psychologists had been using 16PF in assessing normal population for quite some time now. And OPP the publisher of 16PF, currently introduced an easier way to use it. Instead of the manual hand scoring, they offer the 16PF Scanna software in which psychometricians only have to register an account and they can scan all answer sheets and let OPP do the scoring and provide a comprehensive interpretation for them. No sweat at all. This is really a great feature but psychometricians are worried that computers would take over their responsibilities. And soon, replace their positions but OPP said psychometricians still play an important role especially in incorporating results of 16PF with other psychometric tests and authenticating results.

Then, I also attended a seminar about the use of Basic Personality Inventory as part of Psychological Evaluation for OFWs. We were taught how to use, administer, score and interpret the results.

The Basic Personality Inventory (BPI) is an innovative, multiphasic personality assessment intended for use with clinical and normal populations to identify sources of maladjustment and personal strengths. The BPI can be used with both adolescents and adults, and is completed in half the time of other measures. -  http://www.sigmaassessmentsystems.com

Here's my first certificate from work. I'm really grateful that my employer allowed me to attend these seminars. I'm hoping for more seminars next year.

Well, apart from that, the guest speaker Ms. Imelda Villar, a member of the Board of Psychology said that they're hoping to give the first batch of licensure exam this coming MAY 2014. She said that delays are caused by test construction issues and the release of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5th edition. The exam of course, would be based on DSM V. However, I checked PRC website recently and the latest schedule for the first batch of licensure exam is still on OCTOBER 2014. So, I don't know really when is the exact date. Maybe we just have to be prepared and keep on reviewing our notes.

Good Luck!



  1. Congrats on your job and seminars Miss Layne. I'm on the brink of giving up, still haven't landed the job I wanted. Oh well~. Regarding the post of PRC, the exam on October is the 2nd licensure exam for psychometricians since the first one was supposed to be last year. That's what I seen from a psych review center's post. :)

    1. Yeah! I hope the MAY batch would be for real. Gusto ko na talaga mag-take ng board exam. We really need the license for work and credibility na din


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