LRT Blues #1

Hey guys! Sorry my blog's been quiet lately. It's because I don't have any news about the upcoming board exam. Even the PRC had been quiet about it since the exam would not be sooner than October this year. So, I decided to think of other things. Well, life's not just about the licensure exam, right?

I'm caught up with my work and school stuff too, kaya I can't find time to blog na rin. But your comments and emails never failed to motivate me. Thanks for visiting my blog, at least I know that I helped you somehow with my own reviewer. If you have suggestions or just wanna share your opinion please comment on my posts, it would mean a lot.

Ok so much for the mushy part. I was inspired to make a post tonight because I have something to share. It's not that important but I just can't keep it inside. Oh di ba? It's about my observations as a psych student...

Tonight I'll be starting a blog series about my "LRT Blues"

Araw-araw sumasakay kasi ako ng LRT pagpasok sa trabaho o pag papasok sa school. Because of that I encounter different people. And I have observed a lot of things while inside the train station, on the line and on the train. With this series "LRT Blues," I'll be sharing my everyday LRT experience. Wala lang. Feel ko lang. Who knows I might enlighten other people. O baka pati kayo na-experience nio na rin ang mga bagay na naranasan q sa loob ng tren.


Two Types of People Riding the Train

"There are only two types of people: 'yong manloloko at 'yong nagpapaloko," as the saying goes. Well, on the train there are also two types of people: the pusher and the floater.

The Pusher

These people are always present during rush hours. Without them the crowd would not be able to enter the spacious trains. They usually have this big body built and bulky bags in front of them. May it be a he or a she, they both dominate the crowd. Tulak doon, tulak dito. Kahit sino tinutulak just to get inside the train. While on the line (if there's any line at all) they would position next to the person in front kahit na walang pila doon. Basta kailangan nasa unahan sila lagi. And when the train arrives, aba at sila ang nangunguna sa pagpasok sa loob ng tren. Indifferent to the fact that they hurt people because of their selfish motives (that is, ang mauna makaupo o makahanap ng hand rails). If they were positioned at the back of the crowd they would use all their strength to push their way inside the train whatever happens.

The Floater

These people just go with the flow. They seemed to have this in mind "kahit hindi ako lumakad matutulak pa rin ako pa-loob ng tren" so why exert effort at all. Kahit saan sila mapadpad ayos lang basta makapasok pa din sa loob ng tren. Kapag nasa loob na, they usually do not bother to look for hand rails or any support. If the train would suddenly stop they would just lean on the person next to him/her or hold on to the shoulder/back of the stranger in front of them. Parang tinatangay lang ng agos.

The Psychological view

The Pusher is a typical example of a dominant personality. This type of person usually wants autonomy and may take advantage of a situation for their own benefit. They are often aggressive and controlling. Just like any "pusher" they want to dominate others so that they can get on the train first or sit on the first vacant space.

The Floaters might be disciplined and open-minded to adjust with the situation and still consider other people. Because they don't want any hassle or stress they just do what others do or let others take advantage of them. So, I think, floaters may range from indifference to inferiority.


I am more of a floater than a pusher especially during rush hours.  I just can't see the point of pushing and hurting others just to get inside the train. It's a childish act for me. Why don't ride the train with good manners and consideration of others? Is it that difficult? The problem with us people is that we are so indifferent and selfish at times. I know the situation demands for pushing but people on the train stations all have the same goal, that is, to ride the train immediately. But come to think of it, if we could be more civilized, we might as well get on the train without having to push others aside and we can ride the train stress-free.

But I am not blaming anybody. I just wanted to point out the difference between the two types of people I've observed. Siguro it's also the fault of the LRT staff. If only they would be strict enough with crowd controlling or if they can organize the queue on the platforms riding the trains would be easier. Another variable here is the availability of the trains and the number of passengers. If there are few trains and the gap between the trains is too long, people would pile up quickly and that can cause the aggressive acts of the pushers. Since there are a lot of competitors, they would try to push others aside to achieve their goal.

Siguro, if all people would consider others or care for others too, hindi magiging mahirap ang pagsakay sa LRT. The LRT ride is also a give and take situation. Magbigayan lang huwag 'yong puro sarili mo lang ang iniisip. Since you are on a public place try to consider din the welfare of the majority. Well, this is only my observation and I am not stating that my observation applies to all situation. So, if you have any question or comments just leave it below.

good night people.



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