LRT Blues #2: Wala na bang gentleman?

Wala na ba talagang gentleman sa mga pinoy?

I was on the train one time and because I was in a hurry I enter the car nearest the turnstile. 'Yung part na pwede mag-halo ang babae at lalaki. It was around 6:30 am and there are a lot of passengers but it was spacious enough to accommodate the passengers on the next station. So, I found an unoccupied hand rail and position myself. In front of me, were all men (who did not show the slightest sign on being a gentleman). I am not the only girl standing in front of them that time but they just stared at us. Then, on the next station there was an old woman who stood in front of them. 

Ano ang reaksyon ng mga lalaki?. . .


It's as if they don't see an elderly in front who needs the seat more than them. Grabe, I was so pissed out that time that I wanted to yell at those guys who doesn't even care to offer their seat to lola. However, I held myself back. I wanted to be decent. Buti na lang the other girl beside me is the one who asked the guy in front of her. "Baka naman pwede niyo pong paupuin si nanay," she asked. And the guy stood. Grrrr! Kung hindi pa tatanungin wala talaga siyang balak tumayo. 

Wala na ba talagang gentleman?

Hmp. Mukha nga. 

The Psychological View

Here's my view, I think gentlemen decreased during the time that we are slowly accepting that men and women should have equal rights. What guys can do, girls can too. I don't know but it seemed like it for me. Kasi napansin ko na simula noong nagkaroon ng equal rights ang mga babae at lalaki sa mga bagay-bagay parang hindi na gaanong ina-acknowledge ng mga kalalakihan na ang mga babae ay di hamak na mahina kaysa sa kanila. 

I think another reason is that on public places like LRT na madaming girls ang nakatayo, guys would think na kapag inoffer nila ung seat sa isang girl, the other girls would think that they discriminate the others. Tama ba? I don't know, this is just a guess. 

Pagod na rin may also be a factor kaya ayaw nilang mag-pakagentleman. Indifference too is another factor. 

But whatever their reason isn't it fair and just that boys be a gentleman to girls? Sige kahit sa mga matatanda na lang (lolo at lola), sa mga disabled at sa mga buntis or sa mga taong may kasamang bata. Kasi sila talaga ang nangangailangan ng upuan eh. What do you think? Na-experience niyo na ba ito?

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